AC/DC successfully premieres ‘Live at River Plate’ in London before May 10 release

Complete with cannons and even the ‘Hells Bell’, AC/DC joined some 3500 fans and media at the HMV Apollo in London for the worldwide premiere...

Complete with cannons and even the ‘Hells Bell’, AC/DC joined some 3500 fans and media at the HMV Apollo in London for the worldwide premiere of ‘AC/DC: Live at River Plate’, the band’s latest concert film. The film was directed by David Mallet and shot entirely in HD in front of a sold-out crowd in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the Black Ice World Tour back in 2009 with around 32 cameras.

Prior to the showing of the film AC/DC arrived on the ‘black carpet’, complete with an outdoor setup featuring the ‘Hells Bell’ and the legendary cannons that have been a staple of AC/DC concerts worldwide for decades. After signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans and media alike, the band headed inside for the main event.

The raucous crowd was greeted by Planet Rock’s own Nicky Horne, who introduced ”one of the band’s biggest fans” in order to introduce the band: none other than the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne. Osbourne appeared on the screen (which was the size of two stacked double-deck buses) to both compliment the band and make a few jokes, before he brought the crowd into a frenzy, making the grand introduction.

Right away, spotlights hit the stage as Brian Johnson, Angus Young , Malcolm Young, and Cliff Williams appeared. Johnson thanked a few people, ranging from ”the best rock fans in the world”, to director David Mallet. Johnson also answered the question of the day on every hardcore AC/DC fans’ mind by explaining that drummer Phil Rudd was back in New Zealand, because of a storm that damaged his home. The band once again thanked everyone, and shook hands on the way to their seats in the theater.

Following that, the band, media, and fans were treated to the feature presentation, which has been described as having superior picture and sound quality. It was also reported that the sound system could be comparable to a real AC/DC concert. Fans cheered and sang along to their favorite AC/DC songs as the night went on, as they were treated to a film that lasted nearly two hours.

This all comes on the heels of a confirmation by lead guitarist Angus Young, who explained that the band is currently planning their next world tour, and they plan to top the previous ‘Black Ice World Tour’ which became one of the top-grossing concert tours in music history.

AC/DC: Live at River Plate will be released worldwide on DVD and Blu-Ray this Tuesday, May 10. You can click here to purchase your copy from

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You can view fan video from the event below.