AC/DC Rock Or Bust Video Shoot – report from London

“Ridin’ down the highway, goin’ to a show …” That was the hope as I left my house in the morning. Only one small problem,...

“Ridin’ down the highway, goin’ to a show …”

That was the hope as I left my house in the morning. Only one small problem, no ticket to the show! Friends from and myself were working the web and Twitter like demons. The pick up for the show was at 12.00pm. No ticket at 9am. Ticketless at 10am. Still nothing at 11am. Ten minutes later a legend called Tony comes through. Unable to attend through terrible luck, he decides to pass on his ticket to a fellow fan with his best wishes. And that is how AC/DC fans do it. Total class. And total gratitude from me.

Just needed to print the bloody thing off now with only 40 minutes to go and still on the train. Despite heroic levels of unfitness, I’m running through the London Underground like Usain Bolt (if he was a 33 year old smoker). My lungs dissolving with every step, I make it out of Victoria Station and into the rain, just in time to take a phone call from a Glaswegian who might as well have been speaking Russian for all the sense he made. I stumble into an Internet cafe. Plug in, print off and step outside into said Glaswegian who forces me into a pub for a medicinal beverage. Suitably refreshed we step outside and spot orange hatted Sony employees who actually know even less than we do. Eventually three Spanish ladies turn up and in broken English tell us that they have the magic tickets for the coaches. This is it!

The mother of all scrums ensues but I get a ticket for Coach 1 despite being in Group 2. About an hour later with many orange hatted people bewildered by the AC/DC rabble they were dealing with, we start walking off to a coach, climb on board, and finally, once the driver has been put right about getting one disabled fan on board, start moving off for the studios.

The journey to Black Island Studios in North London takes about an hour and is spent speaking to friends old and new. Lots of the biggest grins you have ever seen.

Upon arrival at the studios we queue up dutifully and put up with another wait. Whatever happens now, it’s all been worth it. I’m in. One last sneaky photo before our phones are taken away and we are shown into a large green screen room to wait. This may have been the room in which the ‘Play Ball’ video was filmed the previous day. The remaining coaches begin showing up bringing every fan who turned up, with a ticket or not! All that stress for nothing but absolutely fantastic that the dedication of the faithful was rewarded.

Ian, Director David Mallet’s right hand man, came out to speak to us and informed us that we would get a playback of the track ‘Rock Or Bust’ in a moment. But first, and sadly, he spoke to us briefly about Mal and the reasons for his absence and then told us that The Rudd would also not be there as he had to respond to a family emergency.

Cue ‘Rock Or Bust’ and 3 minutes of pure, unadulterated rock.

AC/DC are back.

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Thanks to Jem from for this report and to the other 10 (or more!) members who got along for the shoot.

Thanks also to the official AC/DC facebook page for the following pic of the Rock Or Bust stage set up and the plug of the hashtag #ACDCvideoshoot – great job!. Our thanks (and picture credits) to the many AC/DC fans and close friends, who kept us all posted with pics and comments from the video shoot via twitter.

AC/DC Rock Or Bust Stage Setup