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O/T Judas Priest's 70s run of albums rivals anyone's. Yes, anyone's.

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Alex Lebanon

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Oct 23, 2014
And if you extend it on into the 80s it's even more impressive - they take one. misstep with Point of Entry but it's basically all killer no filler from Sad Wings of Destiny up to and including Screaming For Vengeance. An amazing run.

Stained Class is Priest’s “Powerage” to me. Released the same year and doesn’t have a well known “radio friendly” song but is well respected and considered by fans to be their best album
I think you hit the nail on the head with their last great album, and agree, they were one of the best of their kind.
For me, they were one of three bands that consistently released barnstormers during this period , then all released magnificent live albums around the same time, then peaked around the same time before losing their way (for different reasons).
Priest, UFO and Scorpions were right up there for me at their peak.
I have come to really, really enjoy Defenders of the Faith. Some ripping songs on that album.

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What can I say, I totally agree. Why something like this:


...isn´t on everyone's playlist is beyond me. Sad Wings of Destiny is one of the best hard rock/early metal albums ever recorded. And Unleashed in the East (studio magic and all) is on the top 3 live albums ever along with No Sleep, and Want Blood.
I agree that those albums are killer, but not without filler. Couple of songs on most of the albums' b sides don't stand out in my oppinion. But I'm in the minority who enjoy Nostradamus so what say should I have in this?
I've tried it with Priest's early work but it didn't work for me. Rhythm sound, especially bass and drum, is too thin and Halford's voice annoys me too many times. If i want good NWOBHM i always end up with with Maiden
You surprise me, Alex ;)

I never could get entirely into Priest - I respect their influence immensely, and I do love Stained Class, yet they remain a band that I merely "like". Funnily enough, I would consider them *the* defining old-school heavy metal band. Not the first, nor the best, but the one that most defined what heavy metal as a genre is. It's as though Sabbath, despite pre-dating them, occupied too much of a distinct corner with their music.

Though I find them lacking in energy, there is a certain appealing charm to it all. Stained Class contains one terrific song after another, and it's such a *warm* record - the guitar tones, the melodic sensibilities... impossible to replicate. Also, Halford is brilliant.

But there is simply no beating Maiden's 80's run.
Absolutely agree.

Judas Priest in their prime rivals anyone. I would only extend their classic period to 1984 (Defenders of the Faith is fantastic).

Without suffering a big loss, Judas from 1976 to 1979 is kind of a 'different' band to Judas from 1980 onwards, like AC/DC. Sad Wings of Destiny compared to Defenders of the Faith is very much like comparing the sound of Powerage to FTATR.
Alex Lebanon said:
I need to listen to more Megadeth. :)

Just "Rust In Peace" and you'll be fine :)

Edit: And yes, early Priest is gooood.
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DrBelford said:
Just "Rust In Peace" and you'll be fine :)

That's almost the equivalent of telling someone curious about AC/DC: "Just Back in Black, and you'll be fine."

I say almost because Rust in Peace isn't really Megadeth's Back in Black.
DrBelford said:
Just "Rust In Peace" and you'll be fine :)

That's almost the equivalent of telling someone curious about AC/DC: "Just Back in Black, and you'll be fine."

I say almost because Rust in Peace isn't really Megadeth's Back in Black.

I know :) That was the joke
I did have a couple of the 70s LPs and liked both. British Steel is toy music, though. I don't understand what the big deal about it is among metal heads.
Good band but never make my Top 10 rock bands. Would put them lower end of Top 20 with Saxon, Bon Jovi etc, some good songs but not all time greats

RR is pretty meh. Pretty standard 70s butt rock with a couple of good songs. SWOD -> KM is one of the best four-album runs in rock history. BS is a little more straightforward but still fucks pretty hard. POE is decent, too. I don't really fuck with anything that came after.

Except Jugulator. Stupidly underrated album.
Priest were a killer band before they went down that ridiculous Painkiller road

Proper good loike. I may bump into Rob in Morrisons Walsall at some point
JUDAS PRIEST Performs 'Genocide' Live For First Time In Four Decades

Posted By: InfernoJUDAS PRIEST Performs 'Genocide' Live For First Time In Four Decades


Was at this show Thursday night about ten rows back it was fantastic
Some great deep cuts and was actually pleasantly surprised how great queensyche was
Seen Priest about ten times and couldn’t believe they dropped painkiller and victim of changes for this leg but they added screaming for vengeance which was incredible
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