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Mystery German Fan Address On Old "High Voltage" CD

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Dec 11, 2015
I don't think there's much chance the person involved will ever read this, but I'll put it here just in case!

I recently bought a used "High Voltage" CD online, the first pressing from the 1980s.

It has a name written on the disc. And when I removed the artwork to replace the original case I discovered written on the inside of the rear cover the name again, a full address and even a date.

I guess the date is when the CD was purchased, 28-03-88. Over 30 years ago. That was around the time it would first have appeared in the shops. So this was probably the original owner from when it was new.

I'm not going to give any personal details here. But in the highly unlikely event you're reading this, recognise the above description and lived in Berhhofen in Germany in the 1980s, just to let you know your CD is now living safely in the UK.....and is being played as I type this message!
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Perhaps put up a first or last name and invite them to send you a whisper?
Nah....even though it's been 30+ years I don't like the idea of putting someone's personal details online.

I think there's enough info in the post that they'd probably recognise themselves if they ever read it. :)

I don't want to hunt them down or anything. I just found it interesting, like a message-in-a-bottle type thing, drifting through history....but with the music as the message. And if that original owner happens to see this they'll see where that message washed up.
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Then you must know who this person is and where they are now, so you can let them know about this thread.....right?

Wrong. Therin lies the mystery!

And this thread will probably drift through the years completely unseen by that mystery person, just as the CD did. Which only adds to the mystery....
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Every third record I get offered someone has their name written on it.
Is that mysterious now?
Not for me......

But I still like your story ;-)

P.S.: On some of my LPs, two with the surname "Young" have their names written on them, one has "Bon". Apparently he didn't have a last name.
I guess that's where we differ. I'm always intrigued when I come across small revelations of previous owners - and I find it's quite rare on early CD pressings. Maybe that's because when they originally hit the market they were so much more expensive than LPs that people weren't as eager to vandalise them?

But look at it this way. In 30 years time someone could be reading this forum (or an archive of it) and come across this thread and be left wondering who the hell WE were and what happened to us since we wrote these messages!

It's all just more mystery added to the mystery....(hello future world!).

And they'll also probably be left wondering if you ever did find out who that "Bon" guy was .... ;)
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