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Music Video

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Jan 31, 2012
In celebration of the release of my first solo album, I decided to shoot and cut a bit of a music vid. Link's below.

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That was fucking brilliant. You're a one man party.
Thank you very much!

Didn't expect such a warm welcome.

Much appreciated.
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No problem at all dude, that was fucking great. Where can we get the whole album?
Really glad you dug it!

You can e-mail me at kyberkioski@kyberkioski.net with your info.

A word of warning, though: all non-instrumentals are sung in Finnish. That's a total of 22 minutes and 27 seconds sliced into nine separate tracks and comes in a Digipack casing.

I charge 8 euros for the album, plus postal expenses; abroad shipping charges within Europe are 3,05 € in first class and 2,85 € in second class. Will have to do some homework for remaining continents.
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If you're from Finland do you know the Damian Cullen Band based in Helsinki? Damian was my drummer in the band Suicide Kicks about 23 years ago!
I'm afraid Damian Cullen doesn't ring a bell. I'm not too well-connected within the music circuits.
This is my own video I recorded of myself playing Thunderstruck on my drums.... Hope you like it...Cheers ;-)
As I've said before, we've got some real great musos on this forum - nice work kerhonen and mick
Kerhonen you are the only person who'a music I will listen to that is not sang in a language I understand.

I am clueless as fuck,but I like it, it rocks man, also the video is class,

Drummer's (your)eye patch and constant smoking is hilariously cool.
Spellbound, glad to hear that. :)

ACDCLIVE & Nitroangus,

thanks a lot! I do appreciate that.
Here's another video I made a little while ago. Made a mistake towards the end, but like all musicians when you make a mistake you say an Arhh Fuck!! under your breath and keep on going, haha...Anyways hope you like it, and probably would sound better with a pair of headphones that support that good bass drum sound.. Cheers ;-)
Mick, you in a band?? Getting that groove and Phil tone is so hard when on an actual kit. You find to find the sweetspot for everything when trying to play like the Ruddman. The hi-hat sweetspot, the snare, and the kick. You aren't doing to bad with the swing for being on an electronic kit. The hi-hat is electronic, which blows in tone but that doesn't matter anyways because you're just practicing I've been thinking of putting drum covers up.
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No, Im not in a band mate. certainly something I wouldn't mind doing for a bit of fun but I think I still got a ways to go before I reach that point... Thanks for the comments, I like getting feedback.. I actually have an acoustic drum kit but I bought the electric just for the sake of the neighbours while im learning them cause I can wear headphones with them.. Im having a bit of drama with my acoustic set with not being able to get the sound right with them but im just putting it down to that its only a what I could afford at the time kit so its not your maple wood or whatever type of wood they use in them, but one thing I did spend money on with it is I bought the exact same types of drum heads and reso heads that Phil Rudd used on his drum kit on the black ice tour, so its just a matter of tuning it to sound right but so far im just having a bit of trouble... I will get there eventually... Cheers
Brought links up to date.

Those who may be interested can find links to more album tracks at the bottom of the main page of my new website

Pardon my use of Finnish again; navigating should be most simple, though.
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