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Girls Got Rhythm

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Jun 27, 2012
Probably a slowpoke, but I've never seen this footage of 'DC before.
An awesome song, too bad there's only one proper live recording of the song with Bon.

This was a TV-gig so of course, the stuido version was used.
That's the second GGR miming video I've seen pop up lately, the other one being that German clip. How many times did they actually mime it?
Top 10 DC song for me.

Top 5 most of the days, as a matter of fact.
I love the way Phil doesn't give a fuck to look like he's not doing a playback.
Posted By: BallToucherTop 10 DC song for me.

Top 5 most of the days, as a matter of fact.

Totally agree,in top ten Bon songs for me too.Played it about 4 times at work last night, couple of my coworkers kept asking to replay it, I gladly did, volume as loud as my speakers would go.

Played the studio version and the Paris France too, man it smokes live.
Watch it on Youtube, somebody has commented....
"Isn't the guitar guy sorta over doin it? I mean, is he really feelin that much adrenaline for the relatively simple rhythm parts of the song. It's kinda distractin,, ya know"
Ha ha, guess they haven't seen much AC/DC then?
There's a video of them somewhere on YouTube after this performance of the band acting (probably being) drunk and Cliff swapping instruments with Phil. I'll upload it when I find it
*Ignore the last comment. I was mistakenly referring to the 1980 Aplauso performance instead
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