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Anyone have the 12-15-81 BBC Christmas Party boot?

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Jan 18, 2011
Was wondering if anyone has this boot, I was hoping I could get a copy of one with all their music and interviews that were done that day? Tried Black Ice bootlegs, but link is corrupt. Again, thanks if anyone can help.
I think I can get you a copy,

I'll be back later (off to find the links,lol)
MalYoungrocks said:
Try Let There Be Rock bootlegs and it's on youtube too.

It's dead over there too.

I'll have to go somewhere else I guess.I'll check out Shoot's stuff.
Thanks Nitro and Malyoung, I have been trying different links, but all dead. I am sure one is available somewhere. I did notice on Youtube it is available, but I want to put it on cd and have no clue on how to copy and download files off of Youtube. I used to be able to do it, but they changed everything. I know you can download different converters which lets you be able to burn these vids to disc, but I am not sure which one out there is the best and is legit.
I wouldn't bother downloading any thing off of Youtube.

Quality would be shit.

I'm sure there's a version around some where,will let you know when I get one.
Thanks Nitro, the one on Youtube is not the complete concert as I was hoping it was. The tracks are about 1 minute in length with a majority being intgerviews.
The thing is,there actually isn't a full show out.

Just Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution,Back In Black and half of Let There Be Rock.

I used to have it,before my old computer crashed.

So far a complete AC/DC set hasn't surfaced,sorry to tell you.

Would be nice to hear the other songs from that show though.

Ah,there it is.

Shoot had it after all,

Back In Black and Noise Pollution + LTBR Solo
Thank you very much Nitro, tell Shoot I said thanks also!!

Nice work on the Donington vhs rip!! You and Mike should be proud!

Cheers and thanks again for everything!
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