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Jun 24, 2009
Rock City, Nottingham. Airbourne were fuckin' awesome tonight. A few bars of Dog Eat Dog and Dirty Deeds helped too!!
Awesome glad u liked it man, did u meet them after the gig? Wat was the setlist?
Didn't meet them, but here's the set list.
Ready to Rock
Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
Girls In Black
Back in the Game
Diamond in the Rough
Black Dog Barking
Cheap Wine & Cheaper Women
Blonde, Bad and Beautiful
Stand Up for Rock 'N' Roll
Live It Up
Raise the Flag
Runnin' Wild
Saw Airbourne myself on Saturday in Wales at Hard Rock Hell, can't entirely remember the set list but I think it was much the same. Got right down the front and was getting well battered, left me felling done in to be honest. The Answer came on after and were also fantastic.

Great night made all the more special by the fact earlier I met the band and got my BDB cd slip signed :)
Awesome pod :) so the show was good?? Ive been looking for vids on youtube but could only find one :( will check later today
I saw Airbourne for the third & fourth time about a month ago in Helsinki Finland and in Tampere the day after. Both shows were absolutely amazing, especially the first one was quite possibly one of the best shows I've ever attended to! (The band kicked the same amount of ass on both nights but the first one was better because the crowd went nuts and the athmosphere was better). After the Helsinki show me and my buds met Streety (the bass player) at a bar nearby and few hours later he actually left the bar with us and we headed to our hotel room with him for couple of more beers! Have to say he was really down to earth kinda guy without any bullshit rockstar attitude.
Thats awesome nutcracker!! U get any pictures or autographs?
Didn't ask for an autograph, got a picture though!
Kick ass man :), wat were the first shows u went to?
The first one was at a club called Nosturi in Helsinki in 2010 and that was pretty damn intense, and the second one at Rock the Beach festival last summer, also held in Helsinki :)
Ive seen some rtb vids on youtube n that sounded like a great gig!
Right on Johnnysg! It sure was! It was kinda funny though 'cos 30 Seconds to Mars were playing right after Airbourne, so instead of the crowd being full of Airbourne fans there were tons of 13 year old girls dying to see Jared Leto :D Needless to say the Airbourne show itself kicked major ass!
U missed em when they went to that festival Arudd? :( r they bad carlos? I heard they were a good opener but i havnt checked em out yet
Yes I did, I had other priorities I had to tend to that day due to their short notice of being booked.....don't remind me.
Same setlist except for NWBTHW instead of BBAB, which I was disappointed with as I prefer the latter. Not enough from the BDB album. 2 trips into the audience which even though is a total Angus rip off I loved. great gig but not quite sure about the setlist. Had a very bad head the next morning
I know right, they need to play more off bdb, they played hungry the other day :)
Right, Xmas night out for me and the missus tonight. 3 courses, Alcohol(lots), curry and then Airbourne at the Glasgow ABC for desert,mixed with more alcohol and jumping around like a numpty. Sounds like a recipe for sicky burps.
Gig of the year for me, fooking fab night. And we got "Chewin The Fat" as a wee extra number.
awesome rocker! Weird that their excluding CTF sometimes..... anymore off BDB or just the usual?
Chewin' The Fat,Blonde Bad and Beautiful are 2,songs they really need in the set, both great selections from the album.

Have they done No One Fits me live yet?
Fucking stupid not playing No One Fits Me.
If they don't then they have missed a great opportunity, one of the best on the album (and a single none the less).

They played Hungry the other day,hopefully they continue adding songs from BDB.
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Their setlists have always been a bit weird. How they can have a track like Heartbreaker and not smash it out live?
This would do me on the current tour quite nicely.

Ready To Rock
Diamond In The Rough
No Way But The Hard Way
Cradle To The Grave
No One Fits Me
Chewin' The Fat
Cheap Wine And Cheaper Women
Woman Like You
Get Busy Livin'
Too Much Too Young Too Fast

Runnin' Wild
Raise The Flag
I'd be fucking happy with that,Heartbreaker is a monster and I'd add When The Girl Gets Hot just because I wanna hear it live,and it is my favorite off the EP.

Gotta have Blonde Bad and Beautiful too.
Thought about BB+B, but I went for Overdrive. I think that is a great little track and gets overlooked by most. And it is beyond me why Get Busy Livin' never gets an outing!
Setlist was same as above except we got CTF after Cheap Wine and NWBTHW instead of BB&B. Special mention for the sound/mix, crystal clear which has not always been the case with Airbourne and Joels voice was the best I've ever heard him live. Catch them if you can, but avoid OrangeGobshite, ultimate "get to the bar quick" support if ever there was one.
I like me some Overdrive always have it on my Airbourne playlist, Armed and Dangerous needs to be in the set too.
Do you realize (from the songs mentioned here that I had the patience to go through on youtube) that these guys aren't AC/DC soundalikes ATALL? Those riffs from them, and the songs, from title to lyric to music, are just 80's hard rock? All they need is to have their hair dyed and permed and makeupand bammo, na 80's HR band! It seems you people forget even fuckin JUDAS PRIEST did a DC rip off as well (which I've quoted on the JP thread and LLLLLOVE it) if not more. Maybe they're tons of energy on stage, but SO WERE THESE BANDS. Motley Crue, Poison, Tesla, Warrant. Pffft.
Armed And Dangerous nearly made it if only for Joel's best lyric yet!
I assume you mean "The longer I go,the longer I get,if I run outta ammo I'll use my bayonet!"

Classic line all the way.

Boinna - yes, Airbourne have some AC/DC influence but they have quite a bit of influence from tons of 80's bands.

I notice shit from them that remind me of some older bands all the time.

I really don't care though, Airbourne do what they do very well.

I remember when I first heard them I immediately thought Joel's voice shared some characteristics that Kevin Dubrow had (lead singer of Quiet Riot).

Not exactly the same, but just imagine Joel singing Metal Health.... (Holy shit right?)
That line precisely :)

I dismissed Airbourne without even hearing them at first. Then I caught Diamond In The Rough on TV and checked out the album, think I liked half a dozen songs off the first album. I wouldn't have said that many of the tracks on there were particularly AC/DC influenced which is why it took me a while to warm to the band.
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