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      AC/DC rock music: bonlives
    • Jan 5th 2015 edited

    ACDCfans.net meet up
    Concert: Roskilde, Denmark - July 15th 2015
    Time: TBA
    Venue: TBA
    Directions: TBA
    Facebook event: TBA
    Special instructions: TBA

      AC/DC rock music: Foeller
    • Jul 15th 2015
    Just got home from the concert:

    - Got there at 2 PM and ended up standing in the fourth row. We could easily have gotten the same spot if we had arrived 3 hours later.
    - Like last time, the Danish fans suck. Except for a few hardcore fans, it's shocking how many people in the front rows that don't even know a song like Shoot to Thrill. An AC/DC concert has turned into a family picnic.
    - The band was great, but the sound wasn't good for the first part of the show. The vocal was way too low.
    - As a few other noted, the hi-hat problem is non-existent live.
    - Overall, as expected, a solid, flawless performance from the boys. I didn't notice a single noteworthy fuck up. My highlight of the concert was High Voltage. Don't ever drop that song again.
    Posted By: Foeller
    - Like last time, the Danish fans suck. Except for a few hardcore fans, it's shocking how many people in the front rows that don't even know a song like Shoot to Thrill. An AC/DC concert has turned into a family picnic.

    They'd rather be at an Aqua concert...

      AC/DC rock music: youngjohn
    • Jul 16th 2015
    Largely agree with Foeller above.

    The crowd were pretty poor. 90% just seemed to be there for an "event" and it could have been anybody up on stage. The majority seemed to fall into two categories: too drunk to stand up straight or just there to take selfies for 2 hours. The numbers around me who spent half the night facing away from the stage were incredible.

    On the positive side, there were small numbers of parents with kids who have clearly been brought up the right way: 10 - 15 year olds who knew every song and rocked out for the whole show. Well done the kids and parents!

    There were definitely some sound problems and Brian seemed to be struggling to hear properly but it didn't seem to hinder his performance, he was absolutely on fire again. Oddly enough, the one clear fuck-up I noticed was during the opening of High Voltage, when Angus seemed to come in late, or his guitar signal dropped out, I'm not sure which, but he was missing for a few seconds (at least, I think it was HV).

    The band seemed to be having a lot of fun again, particularly during Sin City and Let There Be Rock I thought. There was a fair bit of improvising and playfulness. Highlights for me were TNT and Rosie. TNT was just monstrous again and Brian seems to absolutely revel in bringing the menace to that song.

    Unusually, I found a couple of flat points. Hell's Bells lacked oomph. It just didn't rumble as it should. Shot Down In Flames and Highway To Hell were the others that seemed to be missing something but I am not analytical or knowledgeable enough to explain what it was I'm afraid. As Shot Down In Flames was one of my highlights of the Black Ice shows, I was sad that it didn't click on the night.

    For those who like to know these things, Angus mainly changed between the half-plate all-black SG and the full white-plate. He broke out the starburst for one track, which was Play Ball this time. I didn't notice Stevie's changes last night, and Cliff seemed to stick with the one bass but was frequently fiddling around somewhere on the body of it with a wee spotlight and some tech help.

    Going to scan through some pics now and see if there are any worth posting.
    Completely agree with the above - the band was great (Angus was just brilliant) - the crowd for the most part was shit.

    I went by myself but thought it would be no problem because I would get a spot up the front (which I did) and I would be surrounded by other fans and we would all rock out together and sing along to every track. Instead all around were a bunch of bored-looking guys either filming on their phone or staring into space. I swear at one stage I wanted to grab these guys, shake them and yell 'why the fuck are you here if you're not going to rock out?' .

    Anyway, each to their own - maybe thats how some like to enjoy the gig - but it was a shame for me because the boys were giving their absolute all and there was very little in the way of reciprocal energy from the crowd - I thought they deserved better.

    I was a bit worried about Chris because I am a Rudd-devotee but he was great - I only noticed that STT and WLR didn't quite groove the way I would like - otherwise perfect.
      AC/DC rock music: youngjohn
    • Jul 16th 2015 edited
    A few pics from Roskilde. I was way back near the sound desk, having done my front of stage experience at Hampden and having some more restrained friends with me last night, so image detail is lacking:

    Rock or Bust

    Back In Black

    The Starburst pops out for Play Ball

      AC/DC rock music: youngjohn
    • Jul 16th 2015
    Mr Johnson enquiring of Mr Young about the price of certain "Deeds"

    Angus going walkabout minus his guitar during the High Voltage breakdown

    Then trying to sneak back into the show without a jacket.......Security!!!

      AC/DC rock music: Thankass
    • Jul 16th 2015
    I see some enthusiastic crowd respons though..
      AC/DC rock music: youngjohn
    • Jul 16th 2015
    Posted By: ThankassI see some enthusiastic crowd respons though..

    It kind of looks like that but if the pictures were replaced by video, the only difference would be seeing the band move about.

    The crowd would still be a couple of thousand people standing still with one arm in the air and the rest standing about with their hands in their pockets. There were some people really rocking out but it was just such a disappointing proportion of the crowd, especially considering how good the band were again.
    This is how it is in most places with such big crowds. Lots of casual fans who probably enjoy the show but they donĀ“t show it.