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      AC/DC rock music: bonlives
    • Jan 5th 2015 edited

    ACDCfans.net meet up
    Concert: Hockenheim, Germany - May 16th 2015
    Time: TBA
    Venue: TBA
    Directions: TBA
    Facebook event: TBA
    Special instructions: TBA

    • AC/DC rock music: Ron
    • Jan 10th 2015
    I'll be at Hockenheim. Planning an epic road trip for this one.
    how far of a car/truck drive is it?
    • AC/DC rock music: Ron
    • Jan 11th 2015 edited
    Surrey to Ashford, Kent for the Eurostar...Calais to Bruges for the night. Drive to Heidleberg, Germany the day after. About 500 miles. Not so bad. We're planning some other stop offs. Making a week of it.
    I'll be driving from Lincolnshire. Can't wait for the opening chords. Rock on!
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Apr 11th 2015
    Heidelberg is beautiful. Watch out for the massive stone penis though.
    Steely Dick?
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Apr 11th 2015
    After that train journey? You must be fucking joking.
    • AC/DC rock music: Raff
    • May 1st 2015 edited
    Most of the German fans will be gathering at the camping site, which is open from Wednesday, May 13th (three days prior to the gig).


    I will be there from May 15th...
    • AC/DC rock music: Raff
    • May 12th 2015 edited
    pre show beers at

    Restaurant im Vogelpark
    Heidelberger Str. 93 a
    68766 Hockenheim


    for those of you who plan to go to Hockenheim before Staurday: the Camping site opens tomorrow, we will be there from Thursday around 16:00. If possible we will choose the Camping site "C3", it's just where the Restaurant im Vogelpark is.

    • AC/DC rock music: Ron
    • May 12th 2015
    Cheers for the info. What time is that on?
    • AC/DC rock music: Raff
    • May 12th 2015
    Saturday I think we start to gather around 13:00
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • May 14th 2015
    Getting ready!!

    • AC/DC rock music: Ron
    • May 16th 2015
    Finally made it back to the hotel. The band were great but unfortunately Hockenheim was badly organised and dangerously over capacity. Awful experience and will be the last time I see a gig in Germany.