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    • AC/DC rock music: beanofire
    • Jun 27th 2015 edited
    Being in front of the stage, albeit in the 'Ostkurve' at the back, made for a way better experience than being on the side in Munich. The sound being the most obvious. The guitars were peeling skin from your eyeballs. But then again, Pablo, aka Paul Boothroyd wasn't behind the desk for the Berlin show. Brian's voice was incredible - I take my hat off to him. Angus's playing was top drawer.The band were tighter than in Munich - but I'd have been completely surprised if they weren't. And those of you that say CS hits as hard as Phil? Not on the evidence of the two shows I have seen. The snare just doesn't have that same power. A welcome return to form though, all in all.
    • AC/DC rock music: marcinha
    • Jun 27th 2015
    Posted By: azelIndeed Marcinha!

    And one thing is for certain, you and did indeed rock the fuck out!!

    took no prisoners!
      AC/DC rock music: Meanstreak
    • Jun 27th 2015 edited
    He was a fast marcinha