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    • AC/DC rock music: schesney
    • Oct 24th 2014
    Hey Guys
    I was having a play with the audio from the Landover '81 gig, and tried a few mastering techniques to pull out the bass and the highs, and give it a bit of stereo presence
    Thoughts? Sorry this is only Lossy, I can probably upload a Lossless version if wanted

    Enjoy! x

    • AC/DC rock music: bonscot
    • Oct 25th 2014
    wooaah faarrrkkk .. any chance of ya doin the whole show at all?
    Pretty cool man, I like it!

    An improvement for sure, hurry up Sony, we need this!
    • AC/DC rock music: schesney
    • Oct 26th 2014
    The other one i really wanna finish is Donnington 1984. Really busy with exams at the moment, but i did have a little crack at it, and its sounding punchy and full, combining both the thin soundboard and the audience recording
    • AC/DC rock music: mkberg
    • Oct 27th 2014 edited
    Nice work!
    Any attempt of an early 1980 gig of the BIB tour, or getting a full audio concert of live in Detroit, 17 November 1983 (many songs allready exists in audio or video)?