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    Just saw these guys last night, had to wait until midnight for them but by god they were worth it. Part of a 5 band line up as an alternative to the cancelled shambles 'Alt-Fest'. Any thoughts on these guys? I think they're a cracking band

    *prepared to be shot down in flames...*
    That singer is gonna grow a pair of tits if any more estrogen starts running through his system.
    No thanks...that's the type of modern rock I can't stand.

    Singer also sounds like a bit of a fairy honestly.
    Fair play guys, each to their own I suppose.

    Here's a better band to help you see the light. ;) I don't like any of their albums after Favourite Worst Nightmare because they became a primarily hipster experimental bullshit band, but fuck me their first 2 albums are fantastic.
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Aug 17th 2014
    Nice find. Going to check these boys out.
      AC/DC rock music: Pod
    • Aug 17th 2014
    It's alright but sounds like so many other bands pitching at the teenage market.

    As for the AM, I do love WPSIA, TWIN (be easier just to type '1st album' hahaha). Some very witty lyrics, clever song writing, and it rocks in places.

    These 3 tick all those boxes.