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    • AC/DC rock music: mkberg
    • Mar 7th 2014
    Love this song. I think Angus had a blast playin' something different on tour.
    Crossing my fingers, but pretty sure it won't be on "the next tour"
    What a song hey, some of their best work, an all time classic if you ask me.

    Loved seeing them play it and I actually think they nailed it here.

    I don't care what they play on the "next tour" really. I just can't wait!
    My god Angus owns that fuckin solo. Fantastic
    • AC/DC rock music: shocker
    • Mar 7th 2014
    It`s a great track but unfortunately one of the songs we never get live again.

    But still Riff Raff is my favorite song from Powerage and I never understood why they never played since 78,
    except on that VH show in 96.
    I love this fricken tune and I would go ape shit if they play it on the next tour. Did it as my first video on my new youtube channel:
    • AC/DC rock music: shocker
    • Mar 7th 2014
    Good long solo also.