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      AC/DC rock music: Rikha
    • Dec 3rd 2013 edited
    Too bad Jem...In the beginning I didn't like them so much, but then I realized that Dave is a great riff maker and his vocals work so well for his songs that I got hooked.

    I believe they also have a six pack:

    Peace Sells... but Who's Buying? (1986)
    So Far, So Good... So What! (1988)
    Rust in Peace (1990)
    Countdown to Extinction (1992)
    Youthanasia (1994)
    Cryptic Writings (1997)

    I get goosebumps every time I hear this fucking song:

    Countdown is a killer killer album.
      AC/DC rock music: Pod
    • Dec 4th 2013 edited
    Regards the choose the set list thing. I bet any money it will be a greatest hits, as it's a festival crowd choosing. There may be a few surprises, if they are still possible given Metallica's varied set lists every night, but it will be 90% the bleedin' obvious. I'm gonna vote for My World and Purify, just to be a dick.
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Dec 4th 2013
    No need to bother. Everybody already knows.
    Everyone vote for Escape!!!!!!!!!
    Actually what people should do is vote for like Dyers Eve and really hard stuff to piss off Lars.
    They've done Dyers Eve I believe on the past tour.
      AC/DC rock music: Pod
    • Dec 5th 2013
    I'm gonna select all songs from the garage Days stuff.
      AC/DC rock music: Pod
    • Dec 5th 2013
    Posted By: JemNo need to bother. Everybody already knows.

    No harm in reinforcing the point
      AC/DC rock music: bonlives
    • Dec 5th 2013

    Scroll down to the songlist bit. Does someone feel like doing a similar table for AC/DC?
    shouldn't be too hard...I mean they only swapped around a total of 5 songs right? Decibel, Black Ice, High Voltage, Dog Eat Dog, Shot Down In Flames, and Anything Goes. Everything else was played on all the dates.
    Decibel was never played. Black Ice was played throughout the entire tour
      AC/DC rock music: 56Century
    • Dec 6th 2013
    I'd be voting for some Death Magnetic stuff. That Was Just Your Life & All Nightmare Long were pretty powerful tracks. And Cyanide