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      AC/DC rock music: gunforhire
    • Aug 10th 2013 edited
    I spent the whole of today trying to figure out the Heatseeker solo (studio version) as there aren't any clear tabs on the internet. The reason I put rings around some notes is because the tabbing tool I was using didn't have the features.

    Ring key

    Green ring=Palm muted notes (muted with the hand)
    Red ring=Notes/bends played in unison (at the same time)
    Blue ring=Ghost notes [purposely deemphasied to the point of near silence, or in my case they were heard slowing down the notes FAR too much on Audacity :) ]

    Tell me if I could make any corrections to them in this discussion (and BTW this is my first attempt at tabbing a solo by ear).

    P.S tuning is from bottom string to top string is F,A#, D#, G#, C, F
    I never learned this solo. I know the whole song though, just never learned the solo