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    Avenged Sevenfold realeased this new song called hail to the king. I came across it accidentaly and its quite different from what theyve done before. In a positive way.

    This is 'OK', riff is sort of neat.

    I have to that is the only song I've ever heard from them that was somewhat enjoyable.

    Not a fan of them at all, however, nice to see they are stepping away from what ever the hell they were before hand.Had they started out this way,they may have less "hate" from people.

    Sounds like some mid 80's metal with a dash of a hair band in the chorus.
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    I heard this the other day on Sirius for the first time. I liked it. Hail ceasar chants going on. This band is OK, good musicians but not sure about them for some reason. The underlying riff is pretty good and melodic
    Pretty cool. Never liked A7X at all, but this is nifty.
    All I can say is eehhhhhhhh