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    I'm chasing a bootleg from the recent Madrid gig. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
    seen one of the 09 shows on double blue vinyl the other day, £20.00
      AC/DC rock music: bonlives
    • May 24th 2009
    Neil where did you see this and any idea which show?
    leipzig germany, double blue vinyl, i live in scotland, was down in leeds a couple of days ago and knew a guy who is a great vinyl/cd seller, he has 4-5 diff ac/dc boot vinyl, and inc the german one, the rest i think were bon shows/outtakes etc, i think he may do mail order, what i can do is e-mail him asking of ok to sort this out with you, not a problem, gimme a shout if you want me to do it, if easier he can send it to me and i can forward it, or you can deal with him direct, he is a big punk rock seller too, great pistols stuff.
      AC/DC rock music: bonlives
    • May 24th 2009
    I'm actually heading out to a record dealer today here in London to see what he's got. Will keep an eye out for the leipzig show - if I can't track it down I'll get your seller's detail off you. Cheers
    it has the same cover as the black ice cd but a diff colour, can`t remember !!! if its more than 20, think before buying, though you will have postage to pay with the one i know about. good huntin`
    How did you get on at the fayre Bonlives ?? any gems for the collection ?

    oh, and vinyl is making a huge comeback, better than cd anyday, though all this crap 180 gramme vinyl and charging more than a rhino is pathetic and a con.