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    • Jun 19th 2011 edited
    I got the newly remastered Let There Be Rock boxset dvd a few days ago, and superb it is too, but I've just read the included book written by Anthony Bozza (who?) that comes with it and there is an almighty cock up in it. He says that when Bon joined the band he was 28 which is true, but then he says Malcolm was 20 and Angus was 18. WRONG you twat! Bon joined in late 74...Mal was 21 and Angus was 19. I presume this dvd is not an official release?? (It's not on the official website anyway) but even so, why has duff info been allowed to be published??? Sheesh!!!
    It is an official release but on Warner Brothers which is who originally released the VHS.
    I thought it was something worse other than missing the ages of the guys by 1 year....

    I actually liked the mini book
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    • Jun 19th 2011
    Anthony Bozza wrote the book "Why ACDC Matters" and I must admit, he did a good job. Pity he made the small error in the booklet.
    Posted By: MGPAnthony Bozza wrote the book "Why ACDC Matters" and I must admit, he did a good job. Pity he made the small error in the booklet.

    There were some errors in his book as well.
    Interesting story about Let There Be Rock the movie from Steve Hoffmann Forums:

    I mastered the Movie for DVD while I was working at Warner Bros. It was one of the most difficult and longest projects I worked on. Warner Bros has poor quality 35mm elements to work with, I spent 14 years trying to get the 16 Original Negative out of a lab in Paris. The producer of the film declared bankruptcy & French Law claimed he was still the owner of that Negative. I had lawyers working on it, they threw their hands up. We wound up paying him a tidy sum. I believe the only audio source is mono.

    The Original Theatrical & VHS release just split the one track in half, low frequencies on the left, high frequencies on the right. I went back to the mono source for the DVD Release, called in an old friend, who remixed it into a Psuedo 2-track Stereo.

    Unfortunately I was unable to complete the project, as I was laid off before the DVD was released. Someone decided to use the old mix, with the Low Frequencies/High Frequencies for the 2-Track Stereo Source. My restored 2-Track was converted into a 5.1 mix. The 16mm Negative was beautiful and the DVD looks great, but I was very disappointed Warner Bros messed with my audio track. Glad it finally got released. It was a labor of love.


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    • Apr 17th 2022 edited
    Nice find.

    Matirocker's mix is still the best though: