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    We also have a few questions we like all new members to answer:

    1. Favourite AC/DC song and why?
    2. Favourite AC/DC album and why?
    3. Least favourite AC/DC song and why?
    4. Least favourite AC/DC album and why?
    5. Bands other than AC/DC that you're into ...
      AC/DC rock music: Pod
    • May 2nd 2011
    I think all members should answer those questions if they haven't already.

    Riff Raff cause it was the first song I heard by AC/DC (IYWB), and indeed the first hard rock song that I remember, and it blew me away. Still does 30 or more years later

    Let there Be Rock cause it's a raw, uncompromising beast of an album with no frills and no bullshit. Reminds me of me I guess.

    Mistress for Christmas the band have written worse songs, but this is such a pointless song. Why have a christmas song on an album? Just release a christmas single, watch it nose dive with out a trace and get over it.

    Fly on the Wall only cause it frustrates me so. Buried under a ton of piss poor production there's a very good album screaming to get out. Even the remastering for cd release couldn't save it. Such a shame.

    Iron Maiden and Motorhead. First 3 bands I ever really got in to and still to this day they're my holy trinity. Maiden always run 'DC very, very close
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • May 2nd 2011
    Gone Shootin'. It is the perfect rock and roll song.
    Powerage. I have never heard a better rock and roll album.
    Too difficult to answer conclusively but BI, MFC, IYD would be on the shortlist.
    Black Ice. Almost total lack of character.
      AC/DC rock music: Rocker
    • May 2nd 2011
    my choices!

    MFC...as pod say's
    van halen, ufo, sabbath,blackfoot,scorps,etc etc
    • AC/DC rock music: chenta3
    • May 3rd 2011
    I allready did this one but lets do them again
    Let there be rock/TTM/STT all genius songs couldnt choose
    LTBR just so fucking awesome riffing and feel on that album
    Danger BI MFC lack of awesomness and character in these songs
    BI what Pod said
    The Rolling Stones , Foo Fighters ,Them Crooked Vultures, Metallica, Iron Maiden,Megadeth,Muse,Guns n Roses, Slash and the list goes on
      AC/DC rock music: 56Century
    • May 3rd 2011
    Sin City
    Tre Razors Edge

    just because
    If You Want Blood- it just makes me want to get my air guitar out. The definition of a razor sharp riff
    Back in Black- the greatest 10 tracks ever laid down on vinyl. Has not aged 1 second since its release
    Goodbye & Good Riddance- just terrible, but in truth it could have been several from the TRE abomination
    The Razors Edge- the above may give you a clue. Could have been a great album but they seemed to give up after half way and just filled the album up with plodding bollocks
    Led Zeppelin, Rush, Beatles, Oasis, Tom Petty & The heartbreakers, Aerosmith, Rainbow, Deep Purple from Burn onwards, Whitesnake (pre 1987) etc etc. I like classic rock what can i say?
    1 - Really impossible for me to choose my favorite song.

    2- Back in Black. It's just so awesome beyond comprehension.

    3 - Mistress for Christmas - It's just a Christmas song on an album for no reason. How did this make the album, but Down on the borderline not make BUYV?

    4 - I guess it would be TRE, just because of Mistress for Christmas and If you dare.

    5 - Airbourne, The Donnas (basically ACDC but with hot chicks)
      AC/DC rock music: mike11930
    • May 3rd 2011 edited
    Well, I'm sure I did this back in the day, but here goes...

    Favorite song: A hard one for me, but probably Riff Raff, Bad Boy Boogie, or Let There Be Rock (And I didn't really want to put three of them). All of those songs are pure killer AC/DC, and are perfect examples of what Rock and Roll should be.

    Favorite album: Powerage (easy one). A fantastic Rock and Roll record, which never gets boring as a whole. A shame that it has been snubbed over the years.

    Least favorite song: A tough one, but I'm sure I don't enjoy Love Song save for the intro. If I had to pick anything else, there would be a few.

    Least favorite album: Probably BUYV, but only for the production. If production is taken out of the equation, it is a cracker of a record, with Beano's best writing ever.

    Other bands besides AC/DC that I'm into...here are the mentionables: Rush, Airbourne, Chickenfoot, Ozzy Osbourne, Shinedown, Buckcherry, Alexisonfire are JUST a few.
    • AC/DC rock music: chenta3
    • May 3rd 2011
    Forgot to ad airbourne to other bands
      AC/DC rock music: Pod
    • May 5th 2011
    What would be really good would be if a New Member actually posted on this thread as well. Come on all you lurkers and lurkettes. We don't bite (although several on here do suck)
    hmmm, favourite song? gotta be up to my neck in you, just a song ive always loved.

    let there be rock or powerage, is there a bad song on either......NO

    anything goes, just a cheesy anthem song, what all the girls like. lol

    im sorry to say, but i dont have a least favourite album!

    lynyrd skynyrd, zz top, blackfoot. this is the hardest one to anwser. too many to say!
    • AC/DC rock music: Niwir
    • May 5th 2011
    1. It changes almost daily. Right now, I'd be inclined to go with either Love Hungry Man or Burnin' Alive.

    2. Bit of a controversial choice, but I'm going to go with Black Ice. Literally not a song on there I don't like. Besides that, Back In Black or Highway to Hell.

    3. Let's Make It. An incredibly dull, plodding song.

    4. Hmm...probably Dirty Deeds. There's just not a lot on there that I'm fussed on. In terms of Brian albums, Stiff Upper Lip, but there's a few good tunes on there.

    5. Massive Bob Dylan fan. Beyond that, Beatles, The Answer, Frank Turner, Springsteen, Don McLean, Airbourne.
    y'know theres a future for Niwir on this forum. Good choices
    • AC/DC rock music: MGP
    • May 6th 2011
    1. Who Made Who. My first and still the best.
    2. Fly on the Wall. Bloody chunky and rip roaring. Second choices: Black Ice, BIB, TRE
    3. Love Song. So untypical. And crap.
    4. Flick of the Switch. I think it tried too hard. Wasn't fun.
    5. Divinyls, Midnight Oil, Stranglers, Hunters and Collectors, Queen, ELO, Eminem
    1. Thunderstruck . want it played at my funeral
    2. Back In Black , speaks for it's self
    3. Money Talks , just hate it .
    4. Powerage , like it but not one of my favourites
    5. Iron Maiden , Saxon , Foo Fighters , Aerosmith
      AC/DC rock music: 56Century
    • May 7th 2011
    Typo on number four there mate
    Powerage? That's some statement there Mick? Why don't you like it?
    WOW? Powerage? Tell us something more about it, it's one of my favorites!
    Mick...speak up buddy. if you don't have legit reasons you'll get destroyed on here.
      AC/DC rock music: mike11930
    • May 7th 2011
    Posted By: crispyvenomMick...speak up buddy. if you don't have legit reasons you'll get destroyed on here.
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • May 8th 2011
    They'll be no destroying on here, although God knows that 'statement' needs some clarifying.

    And leave Mike alone he may have a life. Unlike the rest of us on here :)
    ok, maybe destroyed was too harsh of a word...but someone will give you a nasty look!
    But seriously though, Powerage your LEAST favorite album out of all of them??!!?
    Why not? After all there are people on here who rate FOTW and BUYV
    LMAO There is one forum member who doesn't like powerage and it seems the whole world is gone crazy.
    • AC/DC rock music: MGP
    • May 9th 2011
    powerage is good album but i rate BI and TRE as good as. I know that will freak heaps of you out but it;s trrue. Everryone different.
      AC/DC rock music: 56Century
    • May 9th 2011
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • May 10th 2011
    Not that different. :)
    I like them all but there has to be one that you like the least and it's Powerage , I'm not saying I don't like it but I like others more .
      AC/DC rock music: Saik0
    • May 11th 2011
    1. If You Want Blood (Malcolms riff is just plain guitar-porn) [Best with Brian's voice].
    2. Highway To Hell (Had the album been with Brian i guess it would have sold more than BIB)
    3. Anything Goes (Sounds like a song they could play in the background of a Premier League studio in the weekends)
    4. All are good, some a tiny bit worse than others. Can't decide..
    5. Def Leppard, Nirvana, Ozzy etc...
      AC/DC rock music: mike11930
    • May 11th 2011
    Posted By: Saik0Malcolms riff is just plain guitar-porn

    1. Favourite AC/DC song and why? Love them all
    2. Favourite AC/DC album and why? Let There Be Rock (Bon-era) for it's barking guitar sound. Flick of the Switch (Brian-era) for it's stripped down powerful sound
    3. Least favourite AC/DC song and why? Love Song. Just doesn't sound powerful at all. The intro is cool, then it goes down the tubes from there. This maybe would have been a good Bon solo song.
    4. Least favourite AC/DC album and why? Fly on the Wall. Great album, just it sounds different.
    5. Bands other than AC/DC that you're into: Metallica, Rush, The Guess Who, Nickelback, Ozzy Osborne, Black Sabbath, Tom Petty, ZZ Top....
      AC/DC rock music: bonlives
    • May 12th 2011
    Welcome to the forum Nick and mick - good to have you here.

    Mick - am curious to know what it is about Powerage that makes it your least favourite? Particular songs you don't rate highly?

    Nick - I kinda like Love Song myself - I always play it to prove not all AC/DC sounds the same...
    Your right about Love Song. It's very different. To my ear as well, the guitars sound almost like they could be acoustic sounding instead of plugged through an amp. Either way the song is ok, but it's the one I dislike the most (except the intro).
    Posted By: Nick of TimeYour right about Love Song. It's very different. To my ear as well, the guitars sound almost like they could be acoustic sounding instead of plugged through an amp. Either way the song is ok, but it's the one I dislike the most (except the intro).

    There is an acoustic guitar in Love Song!
    • AC/DC rock music: Vanman
    • May 13th 2011
    1. My favourite AC/DC song still has to be "You Shook Me All Night Long" - Not a complex song, not a unique song by most AC/DC standards, but after all my years of listening to the band; it still packs an incredible punch with my favourite chorus of all time. The solo and harmonization is some of the best that the band ever did which still makes it my favourite.
    2. My favourite AC/DC album to this date has to still be The Razor's Edge - My reasoning for this choice was that it was another comeback album. Unlike Back in Black, this album proved that after a 7-8 year absence of commercial success, this album proved that old and new fans could enjoy another solid album from an epic band. It also showed that band had staying power, even despite the flash and and glamour of the 1980's and early 1990's.
    3. Okay, originally I had a hatred for Ballbreaker (strangely) due to Brian's voice on the album and the studio "quality" -- But that would be forgotten after the band released "Big Jack": God, I hate this song! Apologies to people who love this song but the chorus and solo do not fit at all in this song and ultimately ruin the potential groove that the beat had earlier in the song. Certainly not a winner for me: Charlie Sheen would disapprove.
    4. My least favourite AC/DC album is still Ballbreaker. I understand there are many of you on this forum that like this album but for me, the technicalities were always just sub-par in terms of studio quality and Brian's voice along with the title track. No Bull live was still better than SUL live imo.
    5. Other bands I love: I'm 18 and I love Genesis, Foo Fighters, Faith No More, Nirvana, The Cult, Steve Winwood, even Tina Turner's got it kickin' still! haha
      AC/DC rock music: bonlives
    • May 13th 2011
    Welcome to the forum vanman! Some big statements there man!

    Must say that even though I'd be happy to see YSMANL dropped from any future tour, I still remember loving this song as an 8/9 year old just getting into the band. It'll always be a favourite.

    I'm with you on the Big Jack thing - I really don't rate the song at all and don't understand how it could have been released as a single let alone slotted into the setlist. Much better tracks on Black Ice and a real missed opportunity.
    Big Jack is also not a great song for me. While it's not my least favorite song, it's one of the worsts on Black Ice
    Posted By: matirockerBig Jack is also not a great song for me. While it's not my least favorite song, it's one of the worsts onBlack Ice

    Decent, don't dig the la la chorus, agree much better from Black Ice should have been played.

    However, Big jack was better live than studio,

    Had a smidgin' more balls.