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    I've got this Blow Up Your Video back patch from 1988, does anyone knows anything about this one?
    I really can't find any information or pictures about this patch. Is it a rare one? A bootleg perhaps?(there's a AC/DC copyright on it)

    Here's a picture of my jacket with the backpatch on it.
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    • Aug 25th 2010
    Very nice man. I can't tell you too much about it personally, but I've got the t-shirt version of this patch so would be curious to know more myself.

    I'm certain it's official though.

    Welcome to the forum too.
    Nice handle
    Good call on Municipal Waste! i love those guys!
    anyways, it looks really cool, and ive never seen it before, so it could be pretty rare
    oh and welcome to the forum, you have to answer these 4 questions:
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    Most of my old friends back in the day used to dress like that all the time. Hell, me too, up to a point.

    Too bad they┬┤re all dead, in jail or lacking most of their teeth.
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    • Aug 25th 2010
    Still have my sleeveless, Patches, drawings, signatures and assorted bodily fluids. Hermetically sealed.
    That's sad about your friends, BT!
    Cool jacket dude. \m/
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    • Aug 26th 2010
    I had the same back patch on my jacket, a century ago when I was in high school! Don't remember how i got it, I think a school buddy of mine, with whom i exchanged a lot of music back then, gave it to me. I never saw another one, but i'm pretty sure it's official. Too bad I threw the jacket away many years ago, it was beyond repair (and cleaning).