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    Ive got a friend whos looking to buy an “old time” hifi system
    Nice record player with possibly a cd player involved as well as digital radio.
    Ive no idea where to start as Im no expert…. Any help appreciated
    They are not looking for anything top end just something thats easy to use with blue tooth speakers and a nice sound anything upto £1000
    Get a Rega deck/amp and some Q Acoustic speakers. Should be able to do it in that budget.
    Get an old Technics sl1200 mk 2 turntable and a decent receiver.

    Skip the digital shit attatched to a record player. Technic if you want a really good old school deck, Pioneer if you want a newer improved take on it. Regas are good too.

    This all said using a good turntable and shit is pointless if you’re using it through Bluetooth speakers. Just use your phone at that point.