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    let the battle begin.
    and my oponinion is that Let There be Rock is the best rock album ever.
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Jun 11th 2010
    LTBR is too variable to defeat BIB for me. Almost peerless tracks like LTBR, BBB, Overdose,HAABPTB, and WLR are let down (slightly) by GD, DED and CIB which while good drop down a level. BIB is an incredible album. It is the unrelenting intensity of it that wins through over LTBR. Even the good songs (as opposed to the great songs) come across as ferocious.
    let's watch
    Go Down vs Hells Bells, both too classics, can't compare
    Dog Eat Dog vs Shoot to Thrill, both killer live, but because studio version Dog Eat Dog owns this
    Let There be Rock vs WDYDFMH, do i have to even say winner?
    Bad Boy Boogie vs Given the Dog a Bone, studio both perfect but because live BBB
    Crabsody in Blue vs Let Me Put My Love Into You, both awesome tracks but i have to pick LMPMLIY
    Overdose vs Back in Black, this was the easiest: BACK IN BLACK
    Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be vs You Shook Me, both rifftastic but again because the live HAABPTB
    Whole Lotta Rosie vs Have a Drink on Me, both classics but I take WHL over HDOM anytime.
    nothing to compare to Shake a Leg and RNRANP but these just give more power to BIB but my oponinion still is Let There Be ROCK!!!
      AC/DC rock music: BFET
    • Jun 11th 2010
    How are Go Down and Dog Eat Dog lesser classics than the others on that album? I don't see it, Jem. This is definitely a tough topic though. I think LTBR is the slightly better album (by a cunt hair), but this is as close as it gets for me. BIB does sometimes eclipse it for me...
    I much prefer Back In Black. There is just something about Let There Be Rock that I don't like that much. The title track and Whole Lotta Rosie while good songs have very annoying and never ending guitar solos. But it does have alot of good ones like Go Down, Dog Eat Dog and Hell Ain't a Bad Place To Be. Black in Black is much better I like all songs on the album.
      AC/DC rock music: BFET
    • Jun 11th 2010

    ::.:...".:-::"..'::.:-:. GYAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • Jun 11th 2010
    Go Down as awesome as Hells Bells? Dog Eat Dog better than Shoot To Thrill?

    I genuinely cannot see how these thoughts can possibly exist. BUt well done for having them :)

    Go Down, is a good song but is it as good as WLR, BBB, LTBR, HAABPTB? Not for me, not anywhere near. Overdose is better as well and DED, only CIB falls below GD on the album. Nothing special about it, beyond Bon's delivery. BIB is incredibly consistent. Quite possibly (but not) the greatest rock and roll record of all time.
    "have very annoying and never ending guitar solos"

    This is a really tough one, but i gotta say BIB.