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    • AC/DC rock music: Sellen
    • Jun 28th 2023
    Or "Piller for Angst" in Norwegian
    A New song with the band
    My debut as a Co-Singer(Shouter), comes hard in the 3 Verses
    I'm proud of that i'v wrote the lyric,song structure , joind on Vocal.
    And the Solo in the middle that i play has a nice flow and feel i think :)
    Played with Gibson SG And Marshall Superlead From 1971 :)

    Give it a Spin and if you like a Thumb up.

    Sorry, not my cot.

    I understand the language, but this must be a hobby band only. Fair enough. I think you need to put in more hours if this is meant to go anywhere. I actually checked out some more of your music. "Fall of kings" (?) sounded stronger than this one