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    • AC/DC rock music: Ron
    • Oct 30th 2022
    Watching a quite enjoyable BBC drama about the formation of the SAS during WW2.

    So far they've played If You Want Blood and Live Wire. Wonder if Brian had any involvement with this production. I know he's a WW2 nut
      AC/DC rock music: angus1878
    • Oct 31st 2022 edited
    or the BBC,s way of trying to be like Netflix where they introduce watchers to "new music" hoping it catches on...or if AC/DC becomes a staple thru- ought the series, then BBC listeners are being fed the new headliners of Glasto, which obviously will be broadcast by the BEEB.

    (i take it these songs werent about in whatever date this series is set in ?, so its the BEEB,s way of force feeding the watcher)

    the BBC is so transparent...they also bend the truth and introduce ethnic or LBGT characters into their stories (nothing against this) but its how they manipulate a true story to be current and not to offend anyone.
    ^ overthinker
      AC/DC rock music: Thankass
    • Oct 31st 2022
    Consider it this way: The most influential decision makers in todays businesses are in their 40s and 50s.
    They grew up in a time that ac/dc was a popular band for adolescents (man i sound like an old fart here).

    So when they have to look for a certain mean sound or song, they'll search in their brain, automatically, first into their own youth.
    That's why you're hearing relatively often an ac/dc song in todays media/sports/tv program/movies.

    That's my theory ;)
    • AC/DC rock music: Lbirch
    • Nov 10th 2022 edited