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    Seems like some companies just can't wait until something's announced.
    They warn their fans, that they should buy tickets on offical sites. I think this is kind of the proof that they are up something, hopefully a tour.
    Interesting that this site appears to be a legit ticket website so are they speculating on AC/DC touring or have info?

    I noticed this when clicking to purchase a ticket

    "You can buy a registration voucher for 100 Euros at Ticketbande. With this voucher, you will receive AC/DC tour dates as soon as they are public. The voucher fee will be fully credited to your account when you order a ticket for AC/DC at Ticketbande. Currently, no other venues, dates and ticket prices have been set. You can choose a voucher of a possible city with our providers getting your tickets for your desired location or for the location closest to your desired location as soon as the dates are known."

    So you are basically paying for a ticket alert!
    ticketbande is definitely not legit, AC/DC warn buying there. ticketbande is probably speculating, but the facebook post from AC/DC hints something.
    They are stupid scalpers, I had to use them once in 2011 to buy some tickets as a gift, 20€ over face value wasn't too bad, but still better to not support them.
    Anyway just looked at their website and their listing 6 dates for Germany in October this year, additional ones in Austria, Netherlands, Czech Republic. Just wondering if it's just speculation or if someone heard something, which might not be impossible. I guess we will see.
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    • Jun 19th 2022
    Posted By: carolinareaper
    So you are basically paying for a ticket alert!

    Yep, and if there are no concerts you only get part of your money back or none at all!
    Stay away from this gang of scammers!