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    @2:50 I think good old Mike thought he was being interviewed about The Grateful Dead.
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    • Apr 21st 2022
    I looked at this guy's Youtube channel, and there are a few more video clips of with Mike talking about different things with AC/DC.
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    • Apr 21st 2022
    Great listen!
    I can imagine Mal and Ang playing with one of these:

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    • Apr 21st 2022
    Mike is such a good dude man. This is great. Hopefully we get to chat again soon
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    • Apr 21st 2022
    I appreciate interviews like this have their audience. For me the level of analysis stifles the life out of the music. Just fact fact fact and no feeling of enjoyment or love of what’s being discussed from the point of the interviewer.
    Mike Fraser on Rudd (RIG):

    Posted By: MeanstreakMike Fraser on Rudd (RIG):

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    • May 2nd 2022
    Mike knows the score.
    Love listening to these things. Thanks for sharing.