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      AC/DC rock music: Goulash
    • Apr 10th 2022
    I hadn't heard this before and apologise if its been posted previously.
    Many thanks to the top bloke who uploaded to YouTube... you know who you are.

      AC/DC rock music: youngjohn
    • Apr 19th 2022
    Great post Goulash. I had never heard that before.

    The interviewer was a bit all over the place at times but I loved the informality and the fact that it sounded like a proper discussion, not too heavily scripted.
    This is brilliant. Thanks for posting
      AC/DC rock music: Gaolbreak
    • Apr 20th 2022
    Good find Goulash.
    Have it on cassette from many years ago
    Great listen
      AC/DC rock music: Thankass
    • Apr 21st 2022
    Nice listen. Thnx for posting.
    Curious about this Whole Lotta Rosie version of this band Brody/Brodie, but i cannot find anything about it.
    • AC/DC rock music: TylerB
    • Apr 27th 2022
    I posted this on my YouTube channel. And what's great about it is Jay Crawford actually left me a comment thanking me for posting this interview. Apparently he had lost his copy and was excited to hear this after so many years. How cool is that? It's stories like these that make what I post on YouTube and the work I put in worth it.
      AC/DC rock music: 56Century
    • May 4th 2022
    Great listen. Powerige
    Really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing.