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    Lead Vocals: Iván Gac
    Backing Vocals: Alex MacDonald, Chris Longo & Kyle LaPato
    Lead Guitar: Matías Fraga
    Rhythm Guitar: Kyle LaPato
    Bass: Alex MacDonald
    Drums: Chris Longo

    Audio mixed by Matias Fraga
    Video produced by Andrea Gentili
    Absolutely killer!

    Goes to show that even with a more BIB like production, the tune is still such a balls out little metal number, like the rest of Flick, so the album would never have been the next BIB. And it’s all the better for it.
    Thankass is going to have a boner for a week!
      AC/DC rock music: Inferno
    • Mar 22nd 2022
    Posted By: ForThoseAboutToPostAbsolutely killer!

    What he said. Thumbs up!
    Awesome job.

    No wonder Brian’s voice was err different post 83.
      AC/DC rock music: Thankass
    • Mar 22nd 2022
    Great cover! Nice Mal look-a-like.
    Always liked this barnstormer.
    And yes MLP, the chorus is repeated 86 times, but the intense energy makes up for it.
    A boner for a week... i'd wished i could still manage that!
    Great cover of a killer tune. The drums sound fantastic. Chris stole the show,sounds so much like Rudd.
    • AC/DC rock music: Rammy
    • Mar 22nd 2022
    Holy shit….. that’s goooood
      AC/DC rock music: DustDevil
    • Mar 22nd 2022
    Posted By: mutt_langes_permThankass is going to have a boner for a week!

    Thats what she said

    But great stuff lads, you rule
    Great work! This song is an underrated killer.
    These songs always get my blood pumping. Awesome job!

    Hard to find a good last song on recent AC/DC albums, but I've always loved this one.
    I really like this song. Fantastic fucking job.
    Thanks everyone!
      AC/DC rock music: Rikha
    • Mar 24th 2022
    Amazing as always!
    • AC/DC rock music: fdevil
    • Mar 25th 2022
    Respectful, more clarity than the original, everyone on top...What'else...GO ZONE?
    So good. Freakishly good, in fact. Hats off to you all
    • AC/DC rock music: nimeta
    • Mar 28th 2022
    brill - I reckon if I heard it blind I might not have known it was a cover band

    Thanks guys !!
    You guys are incredible!