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    omgogmgomgomgogmgom! never heard song live with bon



    The Ecstasy Of Mr S

    ^ Funniest thing Ive heard for a long while

    Here's another great version from London Nov 2 1979:


    That one is slightly sped up though... my copy is the proper speed but can't be arsed uploading it.

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    • Jun 1st 2010
    This song should have only be sang by bon, Brian didnt do it great IMO :)
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    • Jun 1st 2010
    Beano sounded brilliant in 2003.
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    • Jun 1st 2010
    Shoot. That version is sped up and warped at least a half step up. I just can't listen to it. Now if crispy and nitro could fix that...

    Good call, maybe it's more than just "slightly" sped up. Grab the "Angus Cha Cha"  bootleg off my website, it's the full Nov 2 1979 concert and at the correct speed.

      AC/DC rock music: BFET
    • Jun 1st 2010
    Your site should really have its own tab here, shoot. It's quality work.

    Thanks bro. The videos section will be getting started in about a month or so (finally).

    I've already got a correct speed version,I could upload

    Hammersmith '79 Bon's awesome on that show
    Can't wait for your Site to have videos,it's so great
    is that the Townson show? i heard it on Wolfganfg's vault. killer show.
    Yeah Townson is a great show,

    It's on Let There Be Rock and Black Ice Bootlegs if you want it,It may be on Shoot's site,but I haven't checked

    Yep... and the one on my site claims to be a remastered version too. I haven't actually compared it against previous versions but it sounds pretty damn good. "She's Got Balls" is the name of the bootleg, Oct 16 1979.


    Here's the version of Hammersmith I've Got,at the correct speed,this is the most clear version of this show available.

    Sounds just as good as the 2 tracks released on Backtracks from the same show,supposedly it's a Reel to Reel copy from the master tapes.By the sounds of it,it really is. "From A Lossless Bootleg Of Course"

    On a related note,the boot's called "Angus Cha Cha" and the art work was shit,(Brian was on the cover) So I made my own.

    If You Want Blood (You've Got It) Live November 2, 1979

    She's Got Balls is a great bootleg,one of my favorite's actually.I've heard the Remastered version,my only complaint is the crowd sounds a bit too compressed,almost like someone tried to remove them completely.Other than that it's perfect,and to make it even better Bon's pissed off the at security.

    I love Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be,

    "We don't know why security are throwin' people out,but uh...we like ya all"

    "We like ya all,so don't get thrown out"

    Classic Bon

    Here's a download link for the Angus Cha Cha bootleg:


    Complete concert, perfect sound quality, artwork included (not the one with Brian on it. This artwork is much better, though there is a typo with the date on the front cover unfortunately).

    Wait,there's a typo on mine?

    Damn it,lol

    You sure?

    No, not on yours.

    Ok,cause that wouldn't make me look to bright if I did,lol

    (not that I am,but still)