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    Some time has passed and I can say happy new year to all of you guys. I wish a good year to y’all and much good AC/DC related stuff! Happy 2022! :P
    • AC/DC rock music: nimeta
    • Jan 1st 2022
    Happy New Year also.

    I had to leave my Mistress for Christmas...been stuck in UK with something called a "wife" for 10 days. Itching to get back on the road again :)))
    Happy new year everyone!
      AC/DC rock music: Janonen
    • Jan 1st 2022
    Fuck that shit. :)
    Happy New Year you groovy fuckers as Jools Holland once (almost) said.
      AC/DC rock music: DrBelford
    • Jan 1st 2022
    Happy new year y'all! :)