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    Lets hope 2022 brings the tour news we're all - to a lesser or greater degree - still hoping for.

      AC/DC rock music: Rocco
    • Dec 24th 2021
    Happy Festivus everyone ;-)

    Merry Christmas all!
      AC/DC rock music: Thankass
    • Dec 24th 2021
    Merry Christmas one and all, and if you’ve got Covid like me them feet up, take it easy and we can all have our own celebrations in a week or two x

    I have no idea why Bob Dylan decided to wear a Diane Keaton wig, but it's great video nonetheless.

    Joyeux Noël everyone! Hopefully, the first leg of AC/DC's 50th anniversary tour takes place in summer 2022.
    Posted By: Thankass

    I really love these Back in Black era photos of the band. Maybe Angus should have ditched the school uniform back in 1980.
    Love Phil's jacket!
    Sorry to hear that, Billy, rest up and feel better.
    • AC/DC rock music: nimeta
    • Dec 24th 2021
    Get well soon Billy. I heard that a blow job with honey is good if you are coughing or unwell....give it a go :)

    Meanwhile, I bought myself a Christmas present...been wanting one of these for years...not sure what I will tell they kids when it arrives

      AC/DC rock music: Toast
    • Dec 24th 2021
    Merry christmas everyone - hard year for everyone. Really hope 2022 is better.
      AC/DC rock music: DustDevil
    • Dec 24th 2021
    MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS TO EVERY FUCKING ONE OF YOU! (Yes, even those two who tend to annoy everyone!)
      AC/DC rock music: bonlives
    • Dec 25th 2021
    Merry Christmas all - wherever you are, whoever you’re with, hoping you have a great day. Cheers
    MERRY Xmas
    • AC/DC rock music: Nachos73
    • Dec 25th 2021
    Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you get all the coal you wanted from santa!
    Posted By: Nachos73Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you get all the coal you wanted from santa!
    I will burn stuff with it! ( you too have a merry Christmas)
    Merry christmas to everyone on here. And hope you all get what you want. Peace to you all.
    Few decent christmas songs above. I do love fairytale of new york but stop,the calvary just pips it for me.
      AC/DC rock music: Jet1984
    • Dec 25th 2021
    Merry Christmas folks!
    Merry Christmas all, Best wishes and good health for 2022

    Hope you have your burners out
      AC/DC rock music: angus1878
    • Dec 27th 2021
    best prezzie EVER !!!!!