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    I’ve read some on a large number of footballers having chest pains or issues on the pitch. For you in Europe, have y’all noticed anything regarding this? This question is coming from a pro vaccine individual. I’m just curious to hear what those that follow the sport notice.
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    • Dec 16th 2021
    Indeed, and not just players, there has been a number of games halted for the treatment of individual instances of cardiac arrests in the crowd of late.
    Not sure whether this is related to after effects of a vaccine, or underlying symptoms of covid, or pure coincidence and unrelated.
    But seems very odd.
    No. Large number? Proof? Do you wear a tinfoil hat?
    In advance…sorry for all the questions.
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    • Dec 16th 2021
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    • Dec 16th 2021
    It does seem odd though, that it doesn't appear to have been that prevalent before.

    For the record, I had a triple by-pass heart operation three years ago, and I'm fully jabbed up with booster on Sunday. Definitely pro-vaccine.
    As far as I can work out (and you’ve just alerted me to it so it’s not big news) any time an athlete, or spectator in the stadium has a turn, The Covidiots are straight out blaming the vaccine

    Obviously with no idea if any of the involved have even had the vaccine of course, just putting 2+3 together and trying to come up with a connection

    Probably more likely some of them are suffering from health issues brought on by long covid I’d say but that’s above their thinking ability
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    Big pharma shill
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    • Dec 16th 2021 edited
    A recent study showed that almost 2/3 of a studied population of ex-corona patients had a form of damage done to the heart muscle tissue.
    (source: https://jamanetwork....

    These were relatively young and healthy people between 45-53 years old.
    It wouldn't surprise me if this is a common feature within more age cohorts.

    On the other hand; myocarditis is also registered as a side effect of mRNA corona vaccins. Although that is seen in mostly young men, it's much more rare and the impact is mostly for a few days and is seen just after the second dose.

    All in all i'd say that because there is a certain chance of heart damage within ex corona patients and the fact that there are alot of ex corona patients, this feature can be seen throughout the whole community including athletes.
    There’s definitely a genetic component to this thing. Hypercoagulability is a big issue with covid 19. There could be the possibility that those at more of genetic predisposition for this could be also at more of a disposition from a vaccine I suppose. Hopefully we can figure this out in the future.

    I’ve read more about this increase issues in athletes from European football players. I don’t see any of these reports in basketball or football players here in the states. Odd stuff.
    Agreed its more likely long covid related.

    Mind I also read that third elite UK footballers unvaccinated
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    • Dec 17th 2021
    about 95% of NBA players are vaccinated and almost none of them have had any similar health issues over the past year and a half, except for one veteran player
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    • Dec 17th 2021 edited
    Football (soccer) players having heart issues is not a completely new thing. Anyone remember the likes of Nwankwo Kanu, Marc-Vivien Foé or Stefan Vrabioru?

    Plus here is an article from 2007: https://www.reuters....

    Another recent article touches on the subject and comes to the following conclusion (translated by me since the article is in German): "According to the FIFA Sudden Death Registry […] there is no rise of cases in comparison to the pre-corona-year 2018. It's true that myocarditis is known as a side effect of mRNA vaccines but according to the Paul Ehrlich Institute (official institute for vaccines and biomedical drugs) and the European Medicines Agency these side effects are very rare."
    Link to the article (in German): https://faktencheck....