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      AC/DC rock music: DrBelford
    • Nov 12th 2021 edited
    ^Sure XD

    But BJ's magnum opus in the terrible radio rock song category still is "It's my life" ... ugh.

    Now there's a track deserving to be ridiculed XD
    Haha Make War Not Love.

    Any t-shirts?
    When the World is in your face:
    Have a nice day.

    - Jon Bon Jovi
    C’mon ladies, new page, new start.
    There’s Gonna Be Some Bitching
    For Those About To Post (We Insult You)
    Throw Down
    Hells Vowels
    Insult In The Dark
    Who Made Who (Mad)
    Type All Over You
    Given The Dog A Noun
    Big Pun
    If You Want Blood (You Type It)
    Let’s Diss It Up
    Flack In Black
    Spoilin For A Fight

    There. That ought to kill the thread.
    Discussion Song
    Dirty Talk (Talked Dirt Deep)
    Insult All Over You
    Curse Adventure
    Cheap Shot
    Poor Reputation
    Jives Up
    Shake a Pun
    Who Made Typo
    Frozen Urine Bag For Xmas