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      AC/DC rock music: DustDevil
    • Sep 27th 2021
      AC/DC rock music: Ian Sane
    • Sep 27th 2021 edited
    Izzy added a lot to GN'R when he was with them, that's just fact. So did Steven in the early years.
    I think Izzy is happy to do his own thing with smaller gigs, not really keen to be out playing big tours.
    Steven? Well there's some debate as to whether he could manage a touring schedule like this, given his previous battles with health and substance abuse.

    If Izzy was really keen to be part of this, I think he would be.
    I'd love him to contribute to some song writing for any new album, or maybe even make a guest appearance.
    Be nice to see Adler turn up again too.

    Matt Sorum could have been asked I guess, especially given he played on the UYI albums, but they seem happy enough with Frank.
    As for Gilby, I really don't know why his name even comes up. All he did was overdub Izzy's existing rhythm guitar tracks on the covers album.

    The bottom line is, GN'R has really been about Axl, Slash & Duff since the UYI tour.
    • AC/DC rock music: jonnya
    • Sep 27th 2021
    GnR extended the stay of rock music from the late 80s into the earlier 90s.....then blew up leaving Metallica to fly the flag. We haven't had many newer stadium fillers since then...Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Muse, Rammstein, along with a bunch of heritage acts - Stones, AC/DC who are mainly living on their excellent legacy.

    I cant take the current GnR lined up seriously as its just a pension tour.
    Posted By: ShootToThrillYou don't like Dust N' Bones???

    That's one of my favourite GNR songs. Great groove.

    Slash's solos and embellishments are the only reason I listen to it once in a while.

    Posted By: Rajd07Especially compared to the massive ballads, rap and whatnot on those two albums.

    Estranged and NR are masterpieces. My World doesn't even exist as far as I'm concerned. May as well have been a hidden track. But sure, I'll give you that; they clear the Marianas trench bar set by My World.

    Posted By: ZanSeems like it's the die-hard GnR fans that like Izzy the least. I always thought he at least looks cool, Gilby Clarke and Richard Fortus both look a little bit like posers.

    It's not even that I dislike him, I just think it's ridiculous how people pretend he was some kind of genius pulling the strings behind everything. I don't hear much Stonesy writing influence on AFD at all, it's a hard rock album more akin to Aerosmith (Slash's big influence), not a breezy, folksy rock album like the Stones. (Note: this does not refer to his performance, just song writing/structures) Nothing except the aforementioned dud tracks had any similarities to what he wrote on UYI or in his solo career.

    Looks-wise, I think all three look remarkably similar (Slash even commented jokingly on hiring a replacement who looked like Izzy at the time) but I don't really care much about looks. I think all three are tasteful players in their own right. I've never complained about Izzy's playing. I just think his writing is way overrated. Gilby wrote Tijuana Jail, which kicks the ass of any Ju Ju Hounds song I've ever heard. Never mind Dime Store Rock and Monkey Chow from Snakepit's first album.

    Posted By: Thankass i really like 14 years, YCBM and Double Talking Jive.
    And btw; Think About You is a classic gem on AFD

    I'll admit I can appreciate 14 Years but it's really made by the chorus with Axl. But honestly, Duff's song So Fine beats those Izzy tracks at their own laid-back breezy rock game. Think About You... well, the way they end it with the chord changes behind Axl is cool.

    YCBM and DTJ are classics, of course. I don't deny that Izzy had a hand in some classic tracks. My point is just to refute the idea that he was the secret to making classic tracks. I don't think WTTJ or Civil War lack any ounce of what made Guns Guns despite his absence in the writing credits.
    Posted By: Ian Sane
    As for Gilby, I really don't know why his name even comes up. All he did was overdub Izzy's existing rhythm guitar tracks on the covers album.

    I'd actually argue Gilby is the most underrated member. It's a shame he never got to write with them because he's come up with some good material on his own. If you haven't heard Tijuana Jail or Dime Store Rock, check those out.

    Also, he played beautifully on the UYI tour. The rendition of Wild Horses they did was stellar.

    I met Gilby after his solo gig and what a wonderful humanbeing he was. I have huge respect to him. He treated everyone so well and
    A great gig too
    Did I just read someone claim November Rain was a masterpiece?


    What’s that shocked emoji thing?
    Posted By: BillyBollocksDid I just read someone claim November Rain was a masterpiece?


    What’s that shocked emoji thing?

    It's only been cited as such by a laundry list of prominent musicians across various genres, rated in countless best-of lists and amassed nearly 2 billion views on Youtube... what, do you live under a rock?
      AC/DC rock music: DustDevil
    • Sep 29th 2021
    John Shuttleworth for starters.
    Posted By: DustDevilJohn Shuttleworth for starters.