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      AC/DC rock music: Meanstreak
    • Aug 13th 2021 edited

    Some highlights:

    It took several weeks and numerous phone calls to get the interview confirmed. Then, with 24 hours’ notice, I was summoned to AC/DC’s management office on London’s King’s Road. Here, I was ushered into a room where their rather debonair manager, Stewart Young (no relation), looked at me suspiciously, dialled Malcolm’s home number in Sydney, Australia, and then, almost reluctantly, handed me the phone.

    About Led Zeppelin:
    ...“Me and Angus went to see Led Zeppelin once,” he volunteered. Brilliant. Let’s get him talking about that, I thought. But before I could ask for more details, he dropped the bombshell. “We left after a couple of songs.” I was about to ask why, but Malcolm beat me to it: “Singer was a blond feller,” he said, dismissively. “Bit of a poser.”

    About Nirvana:
    ...There was another painfully long pause. The silence between London and Sydney was deafening. Finally he spoke: “Seen a few of them bands on MTV.”

    Which ones? Another long pause: “Well, me daughter listens to that band…”

    Yeah, which one? Another pause: “Nirvana” – which Malcolm pronounced as ‘Neeeervana’.

    Bingo! In 1992, Nirvana were the biggest band in the known universe. What, I wondered, did Malcolm think about Kurt Cobain and Nirvana’s angst-fuelled take on heavy rock? Another long pause. “Naaaaah,” he finally replied. “Singer’s a blond feller. Bit of a poser.”
    • AC/DC rock music: fyfe79
    • Aug 13th 2021
    You got the "best of" edition of Overdose magazine too, huh? :) Arrived at my house yesterday.

    I did think Malcolm's take on each album in that interview was pretty good - interesting to read that he really liked playing 'Flick of the Switch' and 'Shake Your Foundations'. That section of the interview didn't seem to tally with the perception given in the parts posted above... Malcolm seemed pretty open about each album.

    I did like the "Whole Lotta Rosie... that's on Let There Be Rock, isn't it?" part!
    That intro was some great satire, especially because I could believe that it would actually happen!

    "But I also liked Meanstreak, even though I think it may have been too funky for some of the fans."

    Very cool shoutout there. I always got the impression the funkier riffs were written by Angus for some reason. Like Emission Control or Honey Roll. There aren't many but I love when they dip their toes in that direction.
    Who other than Malcolm, could dis two of rock's most popular frontmen? LOL