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      AC/DC rock music: Jet1984
    • Jul 25th 2021

    What organ would you sell to see em...Chances are slim at best, but man just the thought of it gets me hyped again.
    • AC/DC rock music: 7991HC
    • Jul 25th 2021
    Concerts are starting to come back so it's very likely we'll see them play live again soon...
    Doubt they will do a John Lennon cover
    Angus will play the piano, Phil will handle the vocals, Beatles fan that he is.
    Fantasy is reality
    Imagine is yet not mentioned in the thread about the first five songs in the setlist.
    Posted By: ruffstuff88Fantasy is reality

    Dear Mister Fantasy play us a tune
    Something to make us all happy
    Do anything take us out of this gloom
    Sing a song, play guitar
    Make it snappy