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    • AC/DC rock music: fyfe79
    • Apr 15th 2021 edited
    "Live Wire" and "She's Got Balls" from Agora Ballroom, Cleveland 22/7/77

    Oh wow, I've had this bootleg for over 30 years and ALWAYS come back to these two tracks - first two tracks of a great quality radio broadcast. The mix is perfect. The band are on fire. Especially Bon. I've heard recordings where his voice has been too 'shrill' (Rock Goes to College '78, for example), but he is PERFECT here. His "baby I'm a liiiiiiiive wire" and multiple adlibs towards the end of Live Wire is just beautiful.

    Intense version of SGB straight after. Angus' tone superb. The band superb. Bon superb. The recording superb. AC/DC in excelcius.
    There’s no bad version of live wire but my favourite is Boston 78. Fast as fk and Bon is awesome.
    • AC/DC rock music: fyfe79
    • Apr 20th 2021
    I'm not VERY familiar with bootlegs from the 70's (apart from the usual radio broadcasts), so I'm interested in making a compilation of the best live tracks from the Bon era (tracks which aren't on IFYWB).

    Which tracks would you recommend? Quality would probably be the first consideration.... I'd rather a great quality 'good' performance of a track rather than a crap quality 'excellent' performance.

    The first two songs on the comp would certainly be the two versions I mentioned above. Neither track is on IYWB, of course.
    Save time and just put Atlantic Studios on.
    Versions aside - Live Wire is the live track from Bon to me. The song is among my very favs and his persona - swagger, bravado - all so fantastic in that song.

    Thank you Bon

    This has my favourite live versions of jailbreak and the jack starting at 23:23
      AC/DC rock music: Moh
    • Apr 22nd 2021
    Gone Shootin'

    Legendary FM Broadcasts - The Paradise Theatre, Boston MA 21st August 1978
    • AC/DC rock music: fyfe79
    • Apr 22nd 2021 edited
    Yeah, will be adding UTMNIY and KITT from the '77 US tour.
    Gone Shootin' from one of those '78 US dates for sure.

    Best Highway to Hell live tracks?

    Just wondering are there any live gems out there which I haven't heard yet from the Bon days.