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    • AC/DC rock music: jhatzky
    • Mar 30th 2021 edited
    Hello AC/DC fans,

    I have a premium YouTube channel for which I'm paying monthly (www.hatzky.com) and would like to upload a cycling video from the French Alps. It shows a cycling downhill ride at Col de la Madeleine together with Team "Bad Lodgers" from Exeter, England. I would like to integrate three of my favorite AC/DC songs in this video:

    * It's a long way to the top (if you wanna Rock'n Roll)

    * Riff Raff

    * Ain't no fun (waiting round to be a millionaire)

    Due to copyright reasons, which I respect, nobody can see the video currently and listen to the music. My family, friends, and colleagues would love to see it and hear these epic songs which are technically brilliant! The video is very motivational. I always get goose bumps when I see the gorgeous mountain landscape and listen to the awesome music!

    Is there a way to get a permission from the band to play the video including the songs publicly on YouTube? I'm sure it would be also good for them! I'm a big fan of AC/DC since many years and bought almost all of their vinyl albums and CDs.

    With kind regards,
    Jörn Hatzky
      AC/DC rock music: benji
    • Mar 30th 2021
    There may be, but it would cost you a large sum of money sadly.
    Posted By: benjiThere may be, but it would cost you a large sum of money sadly.


    You could try asking people if you can use their covers (that don't contain studio backing tracks). Otherwise, I'd recommend uploading the video somewhere other than YouTube. Dailymotion and Vimeo tend to have looser copyright enforcement. gofile.io requires no registration, but the file expires 10 days after people stop looking at it. A popular file host you have to register for is Dropbox. You can also just send it to specific people in an email attachment.
      AC/DC rock music: Starsky
    • Apr 1st 2021
    This could fit as an April fools joke, the Jesse Fink movie script is more probable than this...