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    With all the discussion about Powerage that went on last week, I thought this might be an interesting idea for a thread. Basically, create your ultimate version of the album from the two different mixes. You can choose either the original UK 10-track running order, or the international running order, with Cold Hearted Man inserted second-to-last in the same place as it is on the UK version.

    Running order: For me, I would have to go with the international running order. It just flows better IMO, and I think Gone Shootin' works much better near the end of the album than the start, the album seems too front loaded with it there.

    1. Rock 'N' Roll Damnation: International mix, with the proper ending to the song instead of just fading out.

    2. Down Payment Blues: International mix. It sounds heavier than the original version, and I like both "floating down a storm drain" lines about the same, so I will have to go with this one. There were also a few more minor edits to vocal lines near the end of the song, which I think I prefer as well. The blues outro is a nice touch also.

    3. Gimme A Bullet: International mix. I prefer the slightly heavier guitar tone on this one over the original.

    4. Riff Raff: UK mix. It just seems to have more bite to it than the later version.

    5. Sin City: UK mix. Same story as Riff Raff.

    6. What's Next To The Moon: International mix. The solo and backing vocals add some needed substance to the song. Maybe I'm just used to listening to this version with the extra parts added, but to me the original version almost sounds like it's unfinished. The vocal lines between 2:35 - 2:53 sound like placeholders, like they were going to come back and put something better there later on (which they did).

    7. Gone Shootin': UK mix, with the longer fade out at the end.

    8. Up To My Neck In You: UK mix, when I first heard this I couldn't believe how much better it sounded than the later version. The guitars sound way louder and heavier.

    9. Cold Hearted Man: UK mix obviously, as it never appeared on the international release.

    10. Kicked In The Teeth: International mix. Bon's vocal delivery at the start has a more serious tone to it, which I think i prefer, and after the intro the rest of the song is the same as far as I can tell, so the international mix it is.


    What's yours?

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    • May 8th 2010
    Im gonna be really predictable, and probably dull, and say the 10 track Euro is fine as it is for me. Again, its what ive known for so long, etc......

    Haha boring. As Brian would say, "mix and match a little!"

    ^^Does the party start right here?

    Yep, the party starts right here in this thread. Or not so much... oh well, I wanted to get that off my chest to show that both of the mixes have their pros and cons.

    I'll let you know mine in a while,I gotta listen to them all and decide.

    Just found a FLAC Rip of the German Version.

    All I can say is,

    "Rock 'N Roll Damnation"

    Sounds by far the best I've ever heard it,it's so warm and alive sounding,

    Kills my 2003 Remaster,it's almost as if Bon is here with me.

    So far I've got the U.K.,German,and The 2003 Remaster,

    Out of the three German is winning.

    German version??? How does that differ from the UK and international releases?

    It's The U.K. Version with Rock 'N Roll Damnation pretty much.

    Maybe it's just the Rip itself,but I'm in love with it.

    Here's 2 links with info.



    Early vinyl version of a classic album. Note tracks a2,a3,a4 are different version to the CD releases as the vinyl albums were released in a hurry in Europe to keep up with the bands rising popularity. The CD versions were mastered from the Australian released track edits.

    A1-Rock 'N' Roll Damnation
    A2-Gimme A Bullet [early edit]
    A3-Down Payment Blues [early edit]
    A4-Gone Shootin' [early edit]
    A5-Riff Raff
    B1-Sin City
    B2-Up To My Neck In You
    B3-What's Next To The Moon
    B4-Cold Hearted Man
    B5-Kicked In The Teeth

    Download link 1


    Download link 2



    Great sound,no password for this one either
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    • May 9th 2010
    My personal version, would have the full version of RnRD, and I might mix in the backing vocals on the third verse of WNTTM...other than that it's the original mix all the way.

    Nice one Nitro. That's the 10-track Euro version that people often refer to on here, which, as you say, is just the original 9-track version with Rock 'N' Roll Damnation added to the start. I will check out that rip later on for sure.