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    I have noticed on the tours from BB on, they always try to play a song from BIB that hasn't been played for awhile. such as

    BB Tour RARANP
    BI nothing (But that was kinda of a different tour because of M Y)

    So do think it's time for SAL or LMPMLITY (that will never happen)
    No. It would be too difficult for Brian to sing.

    There is a rumour that it was played at Brian's first concert in 1980 and dropped for this reason.
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    • Dec 31st 2019
    Are you trying to kill Brian.
    Give me Have A Drink On Me again with Rudd.
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    • Dec 31st 2019 edited
    If SAL is possible...which i dont think it is, then ITV and EW are too........
    Not in this lifetime
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    • Jan 1st 2020
    Nah, bring back Noise Pollution instead they know can nail that and works live.

    GTAB didn’t work that well on ROB tour
    Axl would nail it!
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    • Jan 1st 2020
    Brian vomiting up his entire larynx from the strain would certainly be an eye-catching finale, but not something any of us would want to see. Give it a miss, I think.
    Seriously doubt Angus could do the solo justice anymore.
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    • Jan 1st 2020
    i can pretty much tell you 90% of the set list now !
    Brian's voice can't handle anything. Just being honest
    Posted By: Geordie_boot_boyNah, bring back Noise Pollution instead they know can nail that and works live.

    GTAB didn’t work that well on ROB tour

    Have A Drink On Me went over well I thought and we've had Noise Pollution a few times now in recent years, would rather have HADOM personally.
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    • Jan 1st 2020 edited
    Noise Pollution sounds clunky to me live, didn’t like it at all on the BB/SUL tours. Studio version is superior in every way possible.

    I’ll take a one time performance of Shake a Leg, or HADOM again.

    GTDAB will be 100x better if Phil is on the kit though imo. I’d like to see it done live.
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    • Jan 1st 2020
    Shake a Leg is one of my favorite AC/DC songs!
    Noise Pollution was brilliant in 2003, Brian's voice was great on it. Much better than in '95/'96 and in '00/'01 imo.

    I am sure he would sound great on it today as well, although It's lower on my list of songs to return,I would enjoy it again especially with Rudd.

    We just haven't gotten any pro shot/professional recordings of HADOM live to date and unless they release Donington '84,Rio '85, or Wrigley '15 we likely won't anytime soon.

    Such an underrated track live imo. should have hung around more often.