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    Well I dont know how many here know or let alone like Hanoi Rocks but to me they were and are still a very important band.

    The most interesting member of course being Andy McCoy, guitar and main song writer.

    It has been 10 years since Hanoi Rocks folded and Andy has seemed more and more spaced out (if possible) in the years following this. I and a ton of other kinda figured that he would and could not produce a new solo album...at least anything of serious quality.

    But boom he dropped a new solo disc, first in 20 plus years last week and man am I enjoying this. He ain't much of a vocalist, sure, but some great tunes. What a great surprise.

    Especially Undertow - to me is the best new rock n roll since ROB, so I am a happy camper

    Judge the song for yourself;

    Will post some new links etc later
    Glad that he's back! The album sounds quite good. I'v come to "Maria Maria" on Spotify now. That songs quite an embarassment (to quote another thread) but the ones before have been great. Andy seems to be a nice person (speaking perfect 70's Stockholm dialect to boot) and HR were a good band, not great but good and surely before their time. As usual the mix is way to compressed on the album, but the songs are good.

    He is back. Being reading some reviews and they are really really positive, noone thought he still had it. But the album is great. Havent have this much fun listening to rock since ROB, like a mentioned.

    Certainly this poos over any new song from the new Airbourne album:

    Or if you like that Stones vibe more;

    Hunger rules too

    One video done so far, not my fav of the album at all, but here ya have it, Seven Seas

    And hey the title track is great too;


    Undertow still my fav of the album
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    • Oct 13th 2019
    McCoy is still a complete wack job, but I love him to bits. I saw Hanoi back in 83, and fell in love.....great great band.
    I've finally got the album on vinyl. I'm really impressed that he's written all the music and lyrics by himself. Most people need some help to write a ten really great songs. Maybe Angus should give him a call :-)