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    • AC/DC rock music: mtbishop
    • Sep 4th 2019
    Anyone know if the Black Ice 2008 mispress that plays The Clash on side 2 was only on the U.S press or others such as U.K?

      AC/DC rock music: Goulash
    • Sep 4th 2019
    Mine’s a US copy and my guess would be it was just the US as it was a mistake at the pressing plant.
    Having said that, I’ve got mispressed copies of Let There Be Rock from Australia, Germany and Benelux. They’ve all got cock ups involving AC/DC tracks though and I doubt that two different pressing plants would independently use the pressing plate from a totally different band and purely by chance use the same side of the same album and swap it for the same side of a double album. Too many variables if you ask me.