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    Hi All

    Hoping someone with a bit of knowledge may be able to help me out. I recently purchased this item but haven't had it shipped as on receiving a higher resolution image the signatures concerned me. Only have a day or so left to confirm or reject the transaction, any feedback very appreciated.

    Decline it and tell the seller to fuck off. I’m not an expert on these things but the Angus one looks like the fake one that’s widely used by scammers.

    Bonlives would know more, I could be wrong, but it looks like any other junk guitar with scribbles on it to fetch money it isn’t really worth.
    How could you possibly think that those autographs were authentic in any way?
    Thanks Guys. The original pic on the site was a different guitar, as soon as I seen this I thought same.
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    • Jul 4th 2019 edited
    Hi Scott, welcome to the forum.

    Totally bogus mate. Even based on the distant pic you’ve linked to it’s pretty clear these are all from the same hand. Definitely wouldn’t be paying for this.

    The other thing to watch for these days is ‘auto-pen’ - copies of legit autographs that have been printed/transferred onto an item. These are hard to spot and it really comes down to having seen the autograph before and recognising it.

    With guitars auto-penning is more common on the pickguards as they’re easy to print on. Guitar bodies are obviously bulky and harder to fudge. Hence, if looking for a signed guitar, something signed on the body is usually the better starting point. That said, you can definitely pick up legit signed pickguards either mounted/unmounted on a guitar.
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    • Jul 4th 2019
    This is legit for comparison purposes:

    Thanks mate for the feedback, confirmed my thoughts. Stay away from Taylormade Memorabilia! We compared to a print we got my young bloke but thought the signatures may have changed as the boys aged. Please tell me this ones legit! Thanks again Bon Lives!

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    • Jul 5th 2019 edited
    No worries mate, happy to help. All good on the Back in Black lithograph, no problems there :)

    Those lithographs were made a couple of ways: 1) personally signed by the band, or 2) plate-signed (another term for auto-penned), basically printed on. But they were clearly sold as plate signed, so no-one was being duped. Either way, they’re great collectibles.

    Here’s a couple of examples of plate-signed:

    [Link to eBay item]
    [Link to eBay item]

    And personally signed versions:

    [Link to eBay item]
    [Link to eBay item]

    As far as autographs changing with age - like everyone, the band members’ autographs have changed over the years (just compare those lithos to the guitar for example). But there’s consistent markers that point to legitimacy. That first pic you posted was just rubbish!