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    • AC/DC rock music: Handyman
    • Jun 19th 2019
    New to this thread but I am really hoping someone can help me. I am looking for some information, confirmation really, on an AC/DC concert at Maple Leaf Gardens in December 1981.

    I am positive that the opening act for this show was The Clash, and not Midnight Flyer. I seem to recall it was a last minute switch. I have been searching the internet, band websites, and youtube and cannot find any evidence to support this. I vividly remember the announcer saying something like “skinheads, punk rockers, pill poppers, something something … The Clash” and they opened with London Calling. Please tell me that I am not crazy and that this amazing concert did actually happen as I remember it. Maybe you were there too…

    • AC/DC rock music: Raff
    • Jun 19th 2019
    Unlikely but not impossible.
    The Clash were recording the "Combat Rock" album in NYC in November ans December 1981.
    Reading Maximum RNR and a snippet from an interview with Paul their bassist at the RNR Hall of Fame, he didn’t know who Ac/dc was. Seems odd that they would forget opening for them.
      AC/DC rock music: SHOO23L
    • Jun 21st 2019
    1. I was at that show at Maple Leaf Gardens.
    2. The Clash were not.
      AC/DC rock music: DustDevil
    • Jun 21st 2019
    The Clap?
      AC/DC rock music: drillbag
    • Jun 21st 2019
    Posted By: DustDevilThe Clap?

    that was what my old band was called hahaha
    there were 2 shows at maple leaf gardens that year (dec 10, dec 11)
    i personally have tix stubs from the show on the 11th

    did you attend any other ac/dc shows in toronto?
      AC/DC rock music: TKO
    • Jul 4th 2019
    I think you might be getting confused. The Clash supported The Who's farewell tour in 1982 and did open with London Calling.
    The Clash, one of the most overrated bands ever?
      AC/DC rock music: Thankass
    • Jul 4th 2019
    Posted By: MeanstreakThe Clash, one of the most overrated bands ever?
    You soon will meet "Hezbollah's" wrath !