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      AC/DC rock music: angus1878
    • Feb 20th 2019 edited
    • AC/DC rock music: savsav
    • Feb 21st 2019
    Brilliant . judging by the Brits audience reaction this didn’t go down too well . Fuck them! I remember when the Brits was worth a watch but not anymore
    Token gesture Brits pish
    It's not my bag, I'm far too old... but the 1975 are talented and ambitious and their singer is a proper pop star - i.e. gobby and opinionated but sort of charming with it. Pleased for Maiden too, they deserve it and then some.
    That Maiden video is from 2009?
      AC/DC rock music: Thankass
    • Feb 21st 2019
    Talking about a lukewarm reception. Wankers.
      AC/DC rock music: azel
    • Feb 21st 2019
    Pink’s performance was outstanding.

    Opened her last tour with HTH as an intro.