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      AC/DC rock music: Treehorn
    • Oct 30th 2018 edited
    Just got my Jet back today from the Guitar Workshop in Glasgow. Took the Bigsby off, had a Schaller Signum bridge installed and TV Jones Classic Plus in the bridge.

    Had a rehearsal with our band tonight, the tone has really improved and there is now oodles of sustain. Chuffed to bits with it.

    I know everyone strips the paint off but I just didn't want to do that. Also decided to keep the neck pickup (sacrilege!) as I occasionally do other stuff with it...

    Never been able to work out how to post pics on here, but you can check some out here if you're interested:


    Looks good!!!! No shame in 2 pick ups though. Mal’s arrow jet had two for a good chunk, if not all of the powerage tour.
      AC/DC rock music: acadacauk
    • Oct 30th 2018
    I got a gretsch g5441 and all i did to mine was replace the bar at the front of the bigsby with this from a fella in alaska
    Looks great