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      AC/DC rock music: Briany
    • Jun 26th 2019
    Posted By: Wholelottatobe
    Posted By: Briany
    Posted By: Wholelottatobe
    Posted By: Briany
    Posted By: WholelottatobeThe Amiga CD32 still works great.
    I have pre ordered the Megadrive mini. Most of the games looks bloody good, some really surprising ones in there. I already have the SNES mini, and that one is amazing, but this looks even better.

    The mini console that I would be impressed to see would be the N64 mini because the N64 has some weird hardware architecture that's meant its emulation has never been quite perfect to the point where glitches and slowdown are apparent to the casual player. That would mean that Nintendo would actually have to get the finger out and do a little more work than sticking a retooled emulator onto an android board, housed within a plastic facsimile. The N64 controller was also pretty unique, and it would be nice to get to grips with it again.

    N64 was a great console(Yoshiiiii). It would be a cool little system. They better get those great Rare games over though, that could be tough. But who knows? I mean Rare exclusive Banjo in Super smash now. Seems like Nintendo and MS have some kind of a relationship.

    It's one of the drawbacks of these classic editions that the included games are subject to a lot of copyright faff. The result being that games you thought were no-brainers are missing, and a few bizarre choices make the cut.

    True. Thats what thought was cool with the Megadrive/Genesis mini. Castle of illusion, great Disney game. Earthworm Jim! Damn the SNES mini didn´t even have that one. But on the other hand no Aladdin on the Megadrive. That game is still amazing and didn´t make the cut. Bummer!
    N64 mini really would need Conker´s bad fur day and Goldeneye. But i would buy it as long as Wave Race 64 was on there.

    N64 Mini dream list would be something like:

    SM 64
    Zelda OoT and MM
    Wave Race
    Lylat Wars
    Banjo Kazooie and Tooie
    Diddy Kong Racing
    MK 64
    Perfect Dark
    F-Zero 64
    Paper Mario
    Donkey Kong 64

    Other games that I personally enjoyed but probably wouldn't get on - Body Harvest, Episode One Racer, International Superstar Soccer '98.
      AC/DC rock music: DrBelford
    • Jul 10th 2019 edited
    Posted By: DrBelfordhttp://www.nintendol...


    This is of course officially the nail in the coffin for the 3DS.
    • AC/DC rock music: 900
    • 7 days ago
    I played the (long) demo of, Nier Automata, it's really very cool. I might buy the full game. Beautiful to look at, full of great effects and things, very high-level character voice-acting and emphasis on a story...

    Anyone remember Championship Manager/Football Manager where after days spent on a game it would say go outside or change underpants....?
    I think ACDC could do with similar reminder awaiting news...