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    Posted By: tomscotlandI’ve been digging a lot of early Elton John - madman/tumbleweed/chateau. Also been spinning Eagles debut, bit of BOC, and the first Placebo LP.

    ^ you're mixing it up there, sir, I like it!
      AC/DC rock music: Jet1984
    • 3 days ago

    Having only recently discovered Oasis, this one struck a huge chord with me. Fucking love it.
    ^ Love Oasis's first two albums. This recent doc was a stirring reminder of how all-conqueringly massive they were in their prime.

    What a ballsy song! I've forgotten how well this song rocks!

    When Motley Crue wasn't a laughing stock of themselves. This was some pretty heavy hittin' shit back in the day.

    This is my absolute favorite Priest album. I was my drunkest of drunk part of life when this album was out. This album takes me back to those drunken days. One of my favorite heavy metal songs!

    I remember going to my local record shop and they had this album playing. I liked it so well that I bought it. Now that I'm older, it doesn't hit me like it used to, but this song still has it!

    Posted By: Alex LebanonI am really not the kind of person who says stuff like "how great it the drumming on this song?" but, honestly, how great is the drumming on this song?

      AC/DC rock music: Jem
    • 3 days ago
    My Sunday mornings are spent with Van Morrison.

      AC/DC rock music: JW147
    • 2 days ago
    Posted By: JemMy Sunday mornings are spent with Van Morrison.

    Great song

    Masterful follow-up to HaH