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    • AC/DC rock music: fredperry
    • Sep 16th 2011 edited
    This is quite rare is only 2 sec long :) but I love it, it comes from Countdown on December 1974 when ACDC performed Baby Please Dont go and Angus was dressed as Zorro. It is in colour and on pretty good quality. I am soooo angry that whole version probably exist and its hidden in ABC's or Albert's vaults. I am collecting any info on early ACDC TV and Radio performances. It is really so difficult to get any info from anyone in Australia but from time to time I came a cross nice surprise like this 2 sec video :

    look at Bons earring thats a cool thing ! :)
    • AC/DC rock music: RIP BON
    • Sep 18th 2011
    A lot of Countdown footage was destroyed in a fire at the studios in the mid 70's but ABC still hold a lot of footage and audio that can be purchased for video/DVD distribution, starting price is $33 per second
    ok, so about 2000$ per minute...full clip would be about 10.000$
      AC/DC rock music: 56Century
    • Sep 19th 2011
    Fuck me. I wonder whats in the vaults
    • AC/DC rock music: RIP BON
    • Sep 19th 2011
    What's in the vault?
    The original hand written lyrics to It's A Long Way To The Top on a piece of foolscap paper that was folded up in Bon’s back pocket, he pulled it out and threw it onto the mixing desk, estimated value (insured for) 75k
      AC/DC rock music: angus1878
    • Sep 20th 2011 edited

    dont get me wrong love the blokes to death
    but the more i see and hear of angus,malcolm offstage interviews etc
    even when we met angus in manchester, i couldnt help thinking are they arent slightly retarded ?
      AC/DC rock music: Jet1984
    • Sep 20th 2011
    Are you taking that one seriously? ;) I think it's more of a "making fun of everything" kind of game because they (especially angus) are probably shy beyond. On the other hand there's 30 years + of headbanging...who knows ;)
    That clip above is just them goofing around. Everyone except for Angus had probably had a few beers by then and I think whenever they were asked to say something from a queue or whatever they turned it into a bit of a gong-show.
      AC/DC rock music: Pod
    • Sep 21st 2011
    They are in Holland in that clip right? May explain why Angus looks and sounds like a serious window licker.
    Years of handbanging, smoking/drinking/eating holland's finest is bound to take it's toll a little bit ;-)
    Posted By: PodThey are in Holland in that clip right? May explain why Angus looks and sounds like a serious window licker.

    Yes they were in Holland.
      AC/DC rock music: DC/79
    • Jan 21st 2012
    Posted By: 56CenturyFuck me. I wonder whats in the vaults

    A film crew followed them round Australia for several weeks in early 76 filming gigs, backstage stuff and a lot more besides. I think the only footage that's been released is the St Albans High School stuff that's on the Plug Me In dvd.
    • AC/DC rock music: savsav
    • Jan 22nd 2012
    Not seen that before nice. I think Angus is just foolin around in the clip.
    I don't think there's more Countdown material in ABC's vaults. In fact - as you could read in the book "Glad all over" - most of the original tapes for the Countdown shows from the 70's were re-recorded with new programmes in the early 80's. Sad but true. ABC themselves have of course regretted this and also asked the public to send them video tapes with recordings of old programmes, so they could restore their archive. Sadly video recorderes weren't in every-man's possession in Oz in the mid 70's so lots of shows are probably lost forever.
    • AC/DC rock music: Cymru/DC
    • Jan 15th 2013
    Welsh language TV channel S4C filmed a fantastic AC/DC-based documentary around 90/91, which almost no-one outside of Wales has ever seen.

    The film was based around Dickie Jones, DC's drum technician, following him from getting on the train at a rainy Aberystwyth after being summoned by Mal (via the bat phone - it's common knowledge that everyone involved with the band owns a big red, single-button bakerlite phone, used only for Mal's calls!!) to Australia, where they filmed backstage, sidestage and Dickie, Cliff and Chris Slade enjoying a drink in the sun near the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I'm pretty certain there was also a shot of Brian arriving backstage with a girl on each arm. Not sure what Brenda'd have to say about that..

    S4C must've spent their entire documentary budget for 90/91 on that single show, sending a film crew to Australia. God bless 'em for doing so!

    I wish someone in Wales would find this, dust it off and stick it online, as it's a little gem.
    Posted By: Cymru/DCI'm pretty certain there was also a shot of Brian arriving backstage with a girl on each arm. Not sure what Brenda'd have to say about that..

    Well, since he had just been divorced a year so before,I'd imagine he was still a single man.Don't know when he met his current wife,but I wouldn't think it'd be too far off to say he was just enjoying the rockstar perks.

    *Or, he was cheating like a mofo lol
    • AC/DC rock music: mkberg
    • Dec 14th 2015
    So what is the oldest video (pro shot or amatur) of AC/DC that is actually viewable and contains at least 30 coherent sec?
      AC/DC rock music: Ian Sane
    • Dec 16th 2015
    Probably the CISNTYG clip with Dave Evans.
      AC/DC rock music: drillbag
    • Nov 12th 2018

    the national film/sound archive in canberra has a bit of footage, but i believe it is only viewable at their place
      AC/DC rock music: drillbag
    • Feb 5th 2019
    apparently there is some footage from the pilot of a show based in Adeilade
    more info here :
    I may be wrong but I think this is the audio from that same show.

    Well if it exsist. How about a fundraiser, surely at Bonfest and forum contacts we could scrape 10K up. It would a prime rock n roll act of honour.
    Or the acdc machine just gets it and releases it officially once the band retires